Hen night tonight...

... and dont know how I feel about going :\(

I was looking forward to it but now am thinking I am going to be the only sober one and also the 'big bird' being 31wks pregnant! :roll:

I am having my hair done at 3pm and have a really nice new outfit but I just know all the other girls going will be in little skirts and dresses etc. Also baby has been REALLY active all night and I am knackered but hopefully will get a little nap in later before I go.

Come on girls, rally me on to go and have a good time!


  • You'll have a fab time. Where are you going? Just think, you'll be the only one with a frseh head in the morning, and you won't be filling your body with toxins!!! Thats what I keep saying to myself (although don't know if I am pg yet!!!)

    Have fun and enjoy laughing at their drunken antics knowing that it won't be you forgetting what you did the night before!
  • Thats true! And hubby and I are going shopping tomorrow so will need a clear head!

    We are going to a Greek restaurant and I am looking forward to the food- typical pregnant woman!
  • You get to be chief embarressing photo taker! xx
  • Oh yes! Shall get my camera charged up!
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