I have just been told that you only get one free scan and have to pay for any others at ERI, is that true??


  • Hi

    I live in Edinburgh and yes, it's true. unfortunately we only get the dating scan at about 12 weeks, if you want anymore you have to go private. i got a private scan for the 20 week anomaly one at a place called Babes in the Womb, which is out near the airport, and can recommend it if you decide you want to do that. can't remmeber the website but google them and you'll find it.

    it's so rubbish, if we just lived a few miles further south in Borders region the standard of antenatal care is so much better, getting to meet your midwife every 4 weeks (don't know about you but i met her for the first time at 17 weeks, then the next time i see her will be 28 weeks....), get anomaly scan, decent hospital to give birth in etc etc....

    good luck
    Aileen (24+4)
  • Hiya

    Im also having my baby in ERI, and only got my 12 week scan, had to go private cos i wanted another one and got a 3d/4d scan at Babes in the Womb (amazing place), but i have seen my local midwife every 6 weeks throughout and every 4 weeks the past few months.
    But my friend lives in Livingston and she has been offered a scan at 12 weeks and 18 weeks :\?

    My mw did say that they were bringing back anomaly scan here, so maybe you will get offered one too :\)

    Sharon x

  • when i was at babes in the womb a few weeks ago i asked them about the anomaly scans as I'd heard they were going to become standard as well, and she said yes if you are 20 weeks in February (this year) onwards then you would get a 20 week scan on the NHS.

    but then i asked my GP about it when i saw him shortly afterwards, and he said they keep getting told this then it just doesn't happen, so although he has also heard they're happening as of February, he doesn't actually believe it!

    not much help i know, but hopefully you'll get one!

  • My midwife told me a couple of weeks ago that they are bringing back the 20 weeks scan as of January. Think you have to be 20 weeks around the end of the month. There was also a story about it in the Evening News a few weeks ago x
  • Thanks everyone, surely going from 12 weeks to full term without a scan is not good. A friend of mine had a late scan and they discovered a problem and she was given an early CS, they wouldn't have found it in Edinburgh would they??

    Luckily I will have 2 scans because I am having an early one this week at 6+5 after having some bleeding last week and they said that won't count so I will still get the 12 week one but I think its terrible you have to pay to have one later on!

    I hope they do bring one in later or I would be worried sick waiting that long without a scan!
  • I live in glasgow and its the same here. I'm having my dating scan on Monday but then if i dont get one at 20 weeks I will pay to get a private one done.

  • I have also read that there will be a 20 week scan as standard as of February. One thing to watch though is something I heard yesterday. I went for a private early scan and the midwife there gave me the notes for the doctor instead of sending them as some doctors can be very funny about having had private scans and might say that as you have already had one then you don't need an NHS one. She gave me the notes so I could chose whether to say or not.

    Anyway, back to original point- a 20 week scan should happen.

  • oh that would be horrible if you'd had a private early scan then didn't get the NHS dating one because of it! are you going to tell your doctor?

    when i told my doctor I'd had a private anomaly scan he was very supportive, and said how ridiculous it was that we don't get one on the NHS, which was very nice of him and good to hear, but that still doesn't make it happen!

    it seems like lots of folk have heard they'll be starting again January/February though, so lets hope it's true.

    aileen x


  • Oh I hope the 20 week scan does happen, I don't want to have to pay for it, its ridiculous. surely they can't expect you to go from 12 weeks without anything!!
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