How long?

HI, I am G/C from TTC and I just wondered how long it took everyone to ttc? I know it is different for everyone but jutst thought I would ask.
Thanks for your time.


  • hey hunny, it took us 2 years, as I've got PCOS and didn't ovulate. We got our BFP naturally in March and am now just over 12 weeks, good luck and hope your wait isn't too long xxx
  • Took us 17months of trying.

    Got BFP 2nd month of CBFM though, can't recommend it enough.

    Good luck xx
  • I got my first BFP in the first month we started trying but sadly mc'd. It took us to month 6 to fall pregnant again and I'm 5+2 at the minute and hoping this one is for keeps! xx
  • It took us 6 months this time around. My cycles are quite irregular, and I found that charting my cycles really helped. Don't think I would have got my BFP yet without it!
  • It took us 18 months but 15 cycles due to my weird periods. x
  • On month three we conceived but lost our lo at 6 weeks.
    Conceived again on month 4 and now 11 weeks x
  • First BFP was a "surprise" the next 2 were both on month 1. My OH thinks he has super sperm :roll:

    Lots of luck hun xxx
  • This time 2 months- had implant out fell pg on my 2nd cycle. First time about 5 months.x
  • ds was a nice surpise and this time round got bfp on month 2 ttc. xx
  • We got BFP on second month off pill but technically 1st month of actually 'ttc!'
  • We fell in month 6 but cycle 3 as once off the pill i didn't get my first AF for nearly 3 months! x
  • I got my BFP on my 6th cycle TTC after coming off the pill. 5+2 weeks now and hoping and praying it's a sticky one!
  • I got my BFP on our 5th cycle of trying. xx
  • We got our bfp on my second month off the pill, but first cycle of not trying not to conceive. Good luck

    38+2 x
  • 194 days to go!


    LOL sorry ignore me i posted my reply on the wrong thread! should of gone on the 'how long do we all have left' thread! xxx

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  • We concieved on our third month without contraception (1st month of actually trying to BD at the right time though).
    Best of luck hun!

    Jana 39+4 with blue bump! x
  • We conceived our son the second month of trying and this time I fell pregnant the first month of trying - it really is different for everybody.
  • 2 whole cycles but the first one was over my wedding and honeymoon and I think we missed OV travelling (also cycles all over the place due to wedding stress lol) prior to actually TTC I did use OPKs to try and get an idea of when I was Oving and paid attention to EWCM etc- weirdly the cycle I got BFP I didnt appear to have any EWCM (that I could see) and my OPKs were a duff batch so I just kept BDing around the middle of my cycle x
  • I think about 3 months after I came off the pill. I am pretty sure we got BFP on our 4th try. We were really impatient and by the 4th try I was using ovulation tests and thats when it worked for us.

    Good Luck!
  • We were the luckiest people in the world and conceived on our Wedding night ... the first night we had ever fully risked it!! Hubby thinks he has super sperm now but I think we were just very lucky! Only 4 weeks left to go now until we hopefully get to meet our Wedding night baby!
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