Has anybody heard from her? I know she was waiting for her blood test results to find out whether or not she had cholestasis, just wondered how she's doing! xxx


  • I havnt heard from her, Ollie is meant to be having his op sometime today so id imagine shes been rushed off her feet xx
  • I havnt heard from her, Ollie is meant to be having his op sometime today so id imagine shes been rushed off her feet xx
  • Oh right thank you, just wanted to make sure she's ok, hope Ollie is doing well after his op! xxxx
  • hiya - I'm here!
    I only wish Ollie was having it today! :lol: That would be far too organised for our local NHS service, plus our ENT has to do it himself because Ollie is under 2years old, and he isnt free till April...
    Ollie is having his op sometime in April, as much as we wanted to push for asap but they couldnt do it before Missy is due so it will be about 2-3 weeks after she is born that he goes for his op. (me just about being able to look after missy and OH having to stay overnight with Ollie... should be fun! :lol: )

    I'm still waiting on my results, have tried to contact the FAU for them, and the Mat ward, but there isnt anyone in today at the FAU, and no-one else seems to know whats going on with them... I've got my MW on the case, and hopefully we'll know something by tonight, tomorrow at the latest. I shouldnt be surprised at the FAU as the MW who runs it is the one who tried to cancel my GTT saying it wasnt important I have it... but I am very annoyed. Have requested that my final assesment before my c sec is with someone else as I think if i actually ever met this woman I would throttle her, and there is no way on earth i want her to have her hands on me, let alone even see me.

    Will let you know as soon as I can after hearing anything. image

  • Oh thats awful!! I don't think i'd want to meet this woman either lol, although maybe you should give her a piece of your mind, she clearly has no idea about patient care! I hope they pull their finger out and get your results soon xxxx
  • I've been called in for an appointment at 11 am this morning....
    Will see what happens, and let you know.
  • Ohhhh good luck!! I have a feeling your little madam will be here sooner rather than later! xxxxxxx
  • ahh sorry i must have read something wrong and thought he was having op sooner. really sorry for spreading rumours guys!
    Hope all goes well today stephe xxx
  • Am home - they explained all the tests and said that all the results had come back completely clear, but took some more bloods to repeat the test just in case. I'll get those results on monday -
    but they said it was more likely to be PUPPP and have prescribed some steroid cream to help ease the itching. (they did kindly point out that it might get worse before it got better too!)

    So good news! Better thats its PUPPP then OC, just got to put up with the itching.

    One thing they did say was that it had been registered that I had PUPPP with Ollie (not that i knew!) and it was unusual for someone to get it in a subsequent pregnancy, so looks like I'm unlucky in that respect :lol:

    So now all I have to do is stop itching....

  • Ah thats really good news! Well, still not great for you with the itching, but you know! I hope the cream starts to do its job and you feel better soon xxx
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