A little worried (tmi warning)

When I woke up this morning everything was normal but I just went to the loo and when I sat down I saw that the discharge in my knickers was brown, and when I wiped the paper had creamy brown discharge on it too. It appears to have stopped now but it has worried me. I'm 15 weeks tomorrow so thought I was out of the worrying stage and I haven't had any bleeding or spotting so far in the pregnancy.

Is this something to worry about?

Should I wait and see if it happens again or do something now?



  • TBH hun, I'm not sure but didn't want to read and run. If you are worried I'm sure your midwife or local team wouldn't mind chatting to you.



  • Hi hun, don't mean to be personal but have you had sex recently? It could be because your cervix is so easily irritated at the minute that sex may have sparked a little bleed. As it's not 'proper' blood and you're not in pain then I'm sure it's nothing to worry about sweetie but your mw will be able to reassure you xx
  • hi, agree with huni, as its brown and just a little discharge i wouldn't worry (particulalry if u've done the deed recently), but might be worth putting in a call to ur mw just to put ur mind at ease xx
  • hi hun, I had 2 early scans - 7+5 and 10+5 due to something similar. Mine was more like small spots of brown when i wiped, no pain or anything. Called the mw to double check and they didn't think it was anything to worry about but got me in to be extra cautious. I'm now 25+1.
    I'd call your mw tomorrow when they're back at work, not becuase I think there's anything at all wrong, but just to put your mind at rest! xx
  • You said it was creamy brown? So it sounds like it was quite light? I think it's probably just hormonal, but if your worried call your MW, just to put your mind at rest. xxx
  • Thanks girls, I called the midwife and she told me it didn't sound like anything to worry about and to keep an eye on it. I haven't had anything since Saturday and so all seems normal at the moment.

    So for now, the panicking has calmed down!

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