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I dont think I have ever had a UTI but had to go to drs today as I was in agony. I actually sobbed in drs office! Anyway, she thinks I have a UTI and has given me antibiotics. Only symptom is pain in right side and trace of protein and leucocytes in urine.

Anyone else had this? Pain is worse than anything ive felt before. Dr has given me quite a high dose of antibiotics and told me to go to delivery suite if pain continues this evening.


  • oh be just ate my reply grrrr!!!!

    yes defo sounds like uti to me hun i have been on 6 lots of antibiotics now for them in this pregnancy with the last lot being a months course as i couldnt shift it! i can sympathise with you the pain is horrendous,have you tried hot baths?i found this helped a little.Have you been given any painkillers?i was iven some strong co codamol which really helped,paracetamol just dosent touch it!lol make sure you take the antibiotics hope u r better soon xx
    35 weeks
  • Cheers hun. I was surprised at myself as I usually have quite a high pain threshold but this was awful. I have had some more paracetamol and have began the antibiotics. I think theyre quite strong as pain has eased for the minute and gp told me I should start to feel better by this evening. Its good to read things from people who have had this as I dont think I can ever trust the internet and I have worried myself all the way through this pregnancy. I really feel for you though as I dont know if I could do this again!

    Gemma and Double Blue Bump 27 weeks
  • I had this a few weeks ago and couldn't sleep for the pain and got some antibiotics. It went away within a few days but I understand what your going through. Get well soon. xx
  • I had this about 6 weeks ago and it hurt so much, ended up at day assesment unit as Dr thought it could be something else. It eased after about 3 days but just take it easy and drink loads of fluids. Get well soon x
  • Thanx ladies. The pain seems to have eased a bit now. I havent moved for over an hour, and to be honest, I darent! Think painkiller and antibiotic may have kicked in a little as she did say I should feel better by this evening so antibiotics obviously quite strong. Just wish I could get some sleep now as im exhausted!
  • hope you manage to get some sleep tonight hun.If still in pain maybe try a hot water bottle in bed on your back/kidney xx
  • This was what I thought I had the other day, it was exactly the same as the pain I had last time when I had a UTI but the doctor said he didn't think it was. I had blood in my urine and an extreme pain just above my pubic bone. I was in absolute agony and was almost crying from it!!
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