measuring big

went for a check up today at hospital, just for reassurance as babys movements had decreased.
all was fine, he was just having a lazy few days but been told that i am measuring 30 weeks when im only 26!!!!
any one else had this ? measuring bigger than they should be ?


  • Hi there,

    I been measuring 3-4 cms bigger everytime I been for check up since about 22 wks. This is baby no 3 tho so might be bigger and also tummy muscles not what they used to be! Originally was going to get growth scan but getting section at 38+4 (2nd Nov!!!!) so they wont do one as said it doesnt matter.

    I think if you get to about 34 weeks and still really big they may do a growth scan just to double check. Sometimes its not the sizr of the baby but they way they are lying or just alot of amniotic fluid.

  • Hi

    I had this too. I measured about 2-3cm bigger from 30 weeks but by the time i got to 40 weeks i was measuring normal again. Midwife told me that i was probably measuring bigger as baby hadnt dropped and baby was in a funny position for a while. I wouldnt worry, if your midwife is concerned she will arrange another scan to check the baby's growth/size.

  • Hi im 38+6 and since week 36 i have been measuring 4-6 cms bigger!!! I have been for a growth scan at 37 weeks and my baby was measuring 40 weeks the rest was fluid. Got another growth scan tommorrow at 39 weeks and being induced next tuesday. Dont worry to much about it, i was in a right panic but my consultant said he wouldnt let the baby get to big!! Plus its like tarnya says the position of ur baby plays a part and also the fluid.
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