Had my 4D scan yesterday

Had my 4D scan yesterday and OMG it was amazing !!!!!

Charlotte was rather arkward though, at first she buried her face against my placenta and then my womb so I did have to take a walk and eat some chocolate to get her moving coz poking and proding her wasn't working (the lady did say she was the most arkward baby she'd ever scanned !!) but eventually we were able to see her better. She did like to keep her hand up by her face though, or she kept pulling the umbilicle cord up to her face so the lady said it wouldn't surprise her if when she was born if Charlie liked to sleep with her hand over her face.

Anyway it was so cute she yawned a couple of times which was adorable, stuck her tongue out, pulled funny faces. We got some lovely pictures and the DVD is good fun to watch ! And she double checked and Charlie is definantly a girl, we saw the "hamburger" (seriously it looks like a hamburger on the scan !) effect so I'm now allowed to buy pink ! She weighs around 3lb 4oz already which is slightly smaller than is average for my dates so prediction is if she keeps growing at this rate she'll be somewhere between 7lb and 8lbs when born ! Oh and you could see Charlie already has long hair ! The lady was really surprised as apparently usually on the scan you can just see what looks like dots which shows a little bit of hair but my daughter has hair that's already long and down her neck ! Amazing !

She's head down with her back pushed against my belly and her bum against my ribs with her feet sticking out my side, which is what I suspected from the pains in my ribs and side lately !

Anyway sorry for the long post but i'm so excited by it and seeing my little Charlie Girl again I cant stop beaming !! image

MrsW 29+6


  • awww wow, sounds lovely! What a little monkey trying to hide her face lol, perhaps she was trying to sleep! I cant wait for my 4D scan now, everyone who's had one on here seems to have had an amazing experience! xx
  • Yeah hid her face but had no issues at all with flashing off her lady bits ! They were probably the clearest picture we got !!! Cheeky Girl !
  • Oh how lovely for you! I would love one of these but hubby wont stretch to the expense unfortunately. Do you have any pics you would like to share?!?!



  • oh wow that sounds fab - hubby has said im not allowed one of these but i might do it sneakily then give him the picks, which im sure he'd love!!!
  • aww what a lovely experience! i would love to have a 4d scan but i doubt my oh would allow it as they are quite expensive xx
  • aww it sounds wonderful! i wish i woz having 1!boo-ooh
    luv clare


  • I paid ??150 and got an hours scan, nearly a dozen black and white pictures plus two large coloured pictures of our choice, a DVD of the scan so we can keep the moving images and a CD rom with all 65 of the pictures on for us to be able to print out at our leisure. I thought that was a pretty good price compared to what the like of Babybond were offering !!
  • Where did you go for that Mrs weir? Thats only a tenner more than i'm paying only i dont get as much as you have! Isnt it strange how the prices differ so much. I know Tracey and baby had a wonderful experience and got lots of pics etc and only paid ??75!!
  • Aww that is so sweet hunni. Seeing your bub on a 4d scan is amazing isn't it. I had one done at 27weeks and my little man was quite shy and playing up (hands and feet at face and playing with cord) so had to go for a walk too but what was clear was the fact he was a definately a 'he'. He certainly wasn't shy at showing off his bits!!!!!! :\) Takes after hubby on that one methinks!!!! :lol: (as hubby couldn't resist proving to the guests at our wedding that he was a true scotsman when he married in his kilt :roll: !!!)

    Suzi 35+1 xxx

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  • I went to Preview Ultrasound in Mawsley Village wihich is just outside Kettering, Northants. Lovely place, wonderful lady who does the scans and a great price for what we got compared to what Babybond were offering !!
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