Had my sweep today

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Will today I am 39+5 and I had my sweep, when I first went in she was saying that she reckons she wont be able to feel it but she will give it a go, she felt my tummy and said the baby had moved from the right side to the left which she reckons is meant to be the side they are meant to be on for labour so that was a good start.

Then I had the sweep and thank god it was not painful at all, she was really shocked and said my cervix is very very soft and something about having her finger in somewhere and that we have two somethings and they are both open??

She said there is no way I should go over my two weeks and have to be induced and she reckons I will have the baby by this weekend maybe monday so I am over the moon. I really just hope she is right now image

K xx


  • aw thats really good. glad everything went okay!!!
    hopefully baby shows up this weekend. so excited for u!!!

    k x 39+3

    p.s how did u manage to get a sweep before 40wks? when i asked my mw if she could do one at my next appt (i will be 39+6) she said they dont do it until u r officially late image??? x
  • hope shes right hun xxx
  • I hope she is right as well image

    She did say she was not meant to do it really but as my SPD is so bad and she realy wants me to have the home water birth I really wanted so she was trying to see how things were looking.

    K xx
  • Yay how exciting K-lou. Fingers crossed your little one comes this weekend.
  • Hope you have nice easy labour very soon hun. Glad to see you're doing well...havent been on here for ages.

    36 weeks tomorrow!
  • Thank you girls image

    I hope so as well, she seems to think my pelvis is great for labour LOL

    Hello Amy how is everything going love?

    K xx
  • Ooo how exciting hunni!!!
    Hope Rose does make a nice appearance for you this weekend
    Take care and lots of luck xxx
  • LOL - your pelvis will shoot little one out no probs!

    im doing fine thanks hun. Counting down the weeks now as getting very large and uncomfortable. Did u read my post about consultant though? really annoying me that they wont listen to my birth plan! grrrr - I can see me ending up getting snotty which I really dont want!

    Bet your desparate to meet your bubba now? these last few weeks really drag...

    MA x x
  • whoo hoo cant wait to hear the news that youve had your baby hun good luck



  • yay wishing you all the best hunny,hope its this weekend for you x
  • awww thats fab news your so close now i really wish you the best of luck chick xx

  • That's great news K-lou :\)

    How exciting to think Rose could be born by the weekend!

    Good luck - I hope everything goes well.

    Love NN 16+6 xxx


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  • Good luck. Hope the midwife is right and you get to meet your baby very soon!
    21 weeks today
  • Best of luck with the birth hun - how exciting!!

  • Fantastic news K-Lou. I remember you from the ttc forum and although I don't always get the time to post on here, I do try and keep up with what is happening! Can't believe your due date has come around so soon (although am sure it hasn't felt like that to you!!!!)

    Best of luck for the next couple of days, am keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy and straight-forward labour for you.

    approx 34 weeks - can't keep up as due date keeps changing!
  • Hope you don't mind me finding you in here hun just wondered how you were getting on. Can;t believe Rose will be here by the weekend that is great news. Hope your labour goes well just wanted to wish you lots of luch xx
  • That's fab news hun!!
    Hope she doesn't keep you waiting too long!
    x x
  • So excited for you!! Hope you do get to meet Rose soon. Glad to hear sweep went well and was pain free!
  • Ah thats good news was thinking about you yesterday, as I was very hormonal and down in the dumps, You will hopefully be a mummy to Rose very soon.


  • Thanks so much girls, so many girls I have not spoke to in ages image It's lovely to hear from you image

    I was sooo pleased the sweep did not hurt, I think in regards to when you can have your sweep it's different for different areas or MW's. Mine did say to me she would not write on my notes I had it done as she was meant to do it at 41 weeks but knows how much pain I am in so did it early. Lucky for me really it was nice and soft anything so she only did a very gentle one.

    image I just really really hope she is right and that by this weekend or at least monday I am going into labour image

    K xx
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