3rd scan. help!

hi all and bumps. had a middy midwife appt yesterday during wich she told me that im measuring big for my dates and had been for a while but other docs failed to mention this to me i thought my measurements were always normal. so now i have to go fora growth scan to check that im not giving birth to a gorrila lol even tho, apparently they wont change my due date or induce me if hes bigger than?older than he should be????? anyone else ever had this?? im really confused!! :\?


  • im having one too, im petrified, i have a 3rd scan on the 7th dec. They say its because im measuring big, but i have underactive thyroid and that can be linked. whats it all mean???????? ahhhhh!
  • I wouldn't worry to much about it. I was in the same situation and my growth scan showed that I am having a big baby but tbh Im not really too sure on how accurate growth scans are. It could be that the baby is lying funny and thats why you are measuring big, there are lots of reasons. Im sure everything will be fine for you both. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
    Amy xxx
  • hi,

    my mw told me that after 1st trimester the measurements aren't an accurate way to predict dates. This is because the genes that determine if how long/big you are dont kick in until 2nd trimester. I guess that's why they wont change your due date now.

    Good luck!
  • With my first boy I was told he was going to be over 10lb, but he wasnt he was only 7.7lb.

  • I have had a 3rd scan to check the growth and my consultant has said that all is ok and that the mw measurements are not always correct as it all depends on what position the baby is in. Last time I saw my mw she said she thought could feel a head and one foot and that was it I started to worry that I was having a one footed, no legged baby...LOL....

    So I would try and not worry about this..I have yet another scan on the 7th so in total having 4..
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