Mum's to be 16-17 weeks pregnant

This is my new forum topic... I am only new on this site so be nice to me... I am also 16 weeks pregnant and is seeking advice about hoaw to deal with a first pregnancy. :lol:


  • Hello. Just noticed no one has replied to your thread so just wanted to welcome you to the site! I'm 21+2 weeks pregnant so a little ahead of you, but this is my first. As for dealing with a first pregnancy I'm just taking each day as it comes. My sickness didn't stop until I was about 18 weeks so it's only the last few weeks I've started to enjoy the pregnancy! I started to feel movements at 18 weeks too and the little flutterings have just started to change to kicks. It's lovely! I also had my 20 week scan on Tuesday and that was amazing!

    Good luck with your pregnancy! xxxx

  • hiya! I'm 17 weeks pregnant and as swilko says have just been taking each day by day. I had an image of this glowing happy pregnancy and so far mine has been nothing like that (more of a greasy, spotty, sick and tired one!) but some days are good and over the last week or so i've been feeling better and better and am finally (almost!) starting to enjoy it!
    If you have any questions everyone is really good and amazingly helpful on here, i don't know how i would have managed without this site as none of my friends have had babies yet. Also found getting a pregnancy book very helpful as it explains everything.
    Good luck with your pregnancy as i guess i'll see you on the due in aug 08 forum too! Take care.xx
  • Hi jr69! I am 17 weks tomorrow, so I imagine our due dates are pretty close (mines 22nd Aug). It it also my first pregnancy so really making it up as I go along! It is quite interesting now as I am growing by the day and also have felt the flutterings of the baby move a couple of times!

    Always happy to chat either on this page or the Aug 08 forum.

    Jen x
  • I'm 15 weeks and 16 weeks on saturday I'm the same been taking everyday as it comes.
    Thankfully I do have friends that have children but I also like the fact I can get other opinions here.
    I'm still feeling a bit sick in the mornings but that seems to be easing.
    I can't wait till I can feel the movement but I have heard the heart beat using a dopler that my friend has lent me image

    Lucie x
  • hi welcome! i'm 16 weeks 2morrow so lucie84 my due date must be more or less same as urs!! i can't wait to feel movement too!! xx
  • Welcome to the site. I am 16 weeks on saturday with first baby. I have just been trying to get loads of sleep as I feel tired ALL the time! x
  • 16 weeks today! Due date - aug 28.

    Cheers ladies!
  • hiya, congratulations. Im 17 weeks. ive found this site soo helpful. just by reading others posts or puttingmy own up ive has been so reassuring. the lingo's a bit tricky but you'l get used to it. heres a few that stumped me.
    OH = other half
    MIL = mother in law
    LO = little one
    TMI = too much info
    hope you have a lovely pregnancy. xx
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