so so worried

I have lower back pain and cramps but no bleeding. I have had a couple of miscarriages previously and had calculated 6 wks and 4 days pregnant. Had a scan today and am told there is a sac which looks normal but nothing else. They are now measuring HCG. I am going abroad next week and am so worried. I am at work just sitting crying at my desk. Is this possible that I can be this far along and not see anything posotive on the scan? It my husband I feel more sorry for - he is doing enough worrying for the whole world.

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  • rossali i know how you you feel i had the same thing but please dont worry. some heart beats are not picked up very eary and the cramps i had up to ten weeks as long as there is no bleeding it is fine. if they only see the sack it just means you may of ovulated later than you calculated x x x x
  • I had cramps early in my pregnancy. Often it's difficult to see the fetus that early into a pregnancy. Don't panic - it's early days.
  • I had the same problem. I am coming up to 13 weeks and still have cramps. I went into hospital for heavy bleeding and blood clots. i thought i had miscarried. But guess what!!!!it is all fine. so dont worry too much. They only just saw a sac with me at first and i thought that i wasnt pregnant..but i'm sure everything will be ok. positive thinking girl!!!!i know its hard. everyone here told me not to worry either. but have faith. you baby needs you to have faith in him/her.
  • I was using an ovulation predictor kit which showed positive on Sat 13th so I presumesd though maybe wrongly that I ovulated on the Sunday but I suppose it could have been as late as the Monday but that means I am still at least 6 weeks.
    The lack of bleeding is the only thing that is giving me any hope at the moment! Thanks for the support.
  • i used ovulation kits but they are not accurate as you dont know how long they have been in the shop under the lights for which can affect them. i did not see anything in the sack until 71/2 weeks so dont worry just means your calculations are a bit out mine were and i was sure of the dates. x x x x x
  • i had terrible cramps and really bad ack ache when i was preg i had 2 mc before and was so worried!!! im now sat here holding my 13 week old son try not to worry its prob just ligaments streching and softening xxx
  • I have spent hours researching on the net due to previous miscarriages and it makes it hard to be positive if your body is not conforming to the medical worlds idea of the perfect pregnancy. timeline At least now I know that there is a chance and I am not the only one to have to play the waiting game.They will scan me in 10 days or so when I return from my holiday so hopefully I will have something positive to report.
  • please keep us informed hun good luck and take things easy x x x x x x x
  • Went back for further bloods this morning and now they are they are really baffled. Gone up in 48 hours from 21,500 to over 28,000. So not doubled but a significant increase. they called me back and asked me to go on the ward for a senior doctor to see me. They say the scan does not match the HCG results and after examining they don't believe it is an ectopic. Now I have to go in at 8:30 in the morning as the consultant is coming down to scan me himself - On a Sunday morning!They admit they have no idea at all. It is all pointing in the direction of a blighted ovum or a miracle they just did not see the baby. Fingers crossed for the miracle now!
  • good luck hun, i hope all goes well for you,
    the same thing happend to my sister and she had 2 wate a week to go back and they found a heartbeat at 7 1/2weeks.

    good luck let us know how it goes hun xx

  • I have my fingers crossed for you!! Hope all goes well, remember and keep us updated xxx
  • have you been yet hun? thinking of you xx
  • Hi Rossali, Have you had your scan yet? Is it good news? Fingers crossed for you. xxxxx
  • Well I am sorry to tell you all - it is not good news. The consultant scanned me this morning and declared a blighted ovum. An emryonic pregnancy. As I am flying on wednesday they were very worried about haemorraging on the plane so I agreed to take the tablets to speed the process. They were fantastic and i have started the process thsi morning so I am spending the day in hospital on Tuesday. There is one positive from all this I have jumped the queue at the hospital for investigations and the consultant asked me to call upon our return they want to check genetics etc. each miscarriage has been different so not all hope has been lost.
  • hi so sorry for your loss, can i ask what a blighted ovum is? is it a mc? sorry if im upsetting you but i have never heard of one. xxxx
  • sorry to hear your news, at least you are getting some proper after care. fingers crossed for you, i hope you get some good news very soon xx
  • sorry to hear your news, at least you are getting some proper after care. fingers crossed for you, i hope you get some good news very soon xx
  • A blighted ovum is where the process starts off ok but it is so abnormal your body discontinues it. Unfortunately the sac etc still forms and your body continues to think it is pregnant. HCG levels continue to increase etc. I was lucky enough to be diagnosed early as many women only find out at routine scans at 13 wks or so which must be even more devestating as with each day your bond with your baby grows. It is also known as a missed miscarriage because the body holds on to it and does not evacuate the miscarriage. Will just have to try again and that is half the fun. My poor husband is so upset. i have caught him crying a few times. Everyone always forgets about the man.

    Thanks for everyones support has made it easier as none of my friends have ever gone thrrough this so they really don't understand although they try to make the right noises.
  • Im so sorry to hear your terrible news. You and your OH have to be there for each other and I hope you make a quick recovery and get some good news soon.

  • OMG Rosalli...
    My deepest and sincerist sympathy goes out to you and your partner. I hope you Hubby goes through it ok as well.

    They take it just as bad. Trust me I know.
    I wish you all the best of luck with everything coming. And hope you get some good news soon.
    Love out love
    Tash and bump!!!
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