Pains in stomach


Im 25 weeks and last night i was woken up with really sharp pains in my stomach. It felt like someone was tearing away my insides. I keep getting the same this morning but only for a few seconds and every half hour or so.

Need bit of advice as i'm really worried summats wrong.



  • Cnt really advise you, other to say that if u are worried u shud ring ur mw of gp. It cud be braxton hicks some women get them really strong, or u cud have some sort of infection or something. Hope u feel better soon. Kerry xxx

  • hiya i just seen this and i just thought that i'd say that i have been getting really sharp pains all across my stomach, right at the top of my bump. been to mw today and mentioned it to her, she said to keep an eye on it cos stomach pains can be a sign of high blood pressure (tho mine was fine this morning). she also suggested those yakult drink things in case its to do with bacterial imbalances (i am on antibiotics as well which doesnt help). the pain doesn't go anywhere and eases after a few mins and i know its not braxton hicks cos been getting those too and they are different. had it during my 1st pg too and my bp did go high at the end.
    sorry i know i've rambled on a bit and prob doesn't help much! don't know if this sounds like what u been getting roxi? has anyone else experienced this?
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