9 days Encounting

Just thought id post as im in single figures to my due date lol all excited hope i get too meet my little girl soon (not getting my hopes up tho) these contractions had better be doing something by now lol Sophie 38+5 xx



  • Hi! I have 8 days and it is soooo exciting isnt it! I can't believe tomorrow I've only got a week until my due date. Apparently most women give birth in between weeks 39-41 so everything but legs crossed lol xxx


  • woohoo - you two are in competition - let's see who squeezes first! Good luck to you both - not long now and lo's could be arriving any day!

  • Thanks ladies good luck tiger lily lets see who pops first lol Sophie 38+6 xx
  • Hope so too hunny good luck Sophie 38+6 xx
  • aww good luck to you all! hope all goes well (so jealous youl have your beautiful lil babies so soon!! lol)
    shaz xx
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