Anyone from Bedfordshire??

Anyone out there from Bedfordshire?
Just found out im 5 weeks pregnant but would like to find out what the services are like in Bedfordshire - especially Luton and Dunstable hospital??
So exciting!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hey mummythomas, congratulations!!! I'm in St Albans so nearby (I work in Harpenden so feels nearer!). I'm giving birth in Watford, but I know a few people who gave birth in L&D who have said good things about it. I know that they won't tell you if its a boy or a girl at your scan though! Apart from that I'm not sure what happens up there I'm afraid. Hope I helped a bit though! Are you actually in Luton?

  • yep although prefer to class as it as outskirts of Dunstable!!
    I have family living in St Albans and Watford so now it well (and recently got married at Harpenden House 2 months ago!!)

    I heard they dont tell you the sex of the baby but we dont mind we are going to leave it as a suprise.

    My dad was born in Watford general!!

    How far gone are you?
  • Lol at outskirts of Dunstable! Harpenden House looks like a lovely place to get married!! And congratulations on that too!

    I am 24 +4 now, feels like I've been pregnant forever! You are very patient not finding out what sex the baby is! We can't wait to know and are having a 4d scan in a few weeks to find out what it is!

    How are you feeling? Any morning sickness or anything yet?
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