when did it stop?

hi im about 7-8 weeks pg i think due to dates all over place. just wondered when everyone else s sickness left? i have good days and bad days today being a bad one. normally feel worse when im really tired like today but unable to sleep at night and in the day due to v active 1 year old! last pg i did fel worse than this (i know there is still time!) but it didnt ease until month 4! when did everyone elses ease off? xx


  • Mine eased off at about 10 weeks then came back at 14 weeks for a couple of weeks. It has no come back again and I'm nearly 34 weeks, I feel sick but I don't actually vomit.
    It really sucks and I hope you feel better soon.
  • hi leigh i take it at night anyway thanks though hun. i think im gonna invest in a travel band thing i tried everything else last pg!!! she also said flat coke works too! that wasnt about last pg but is now! feeling better had some food but how hard is it to eat when you feel so sick! lol! xx
  • Im not sure when mine stopped to be honest, probably around 11 weeks, but then I still get the odd day of it...not so much now (fingers crossed)
    My sister swore by the travel band-I never got round to getting one (because I kept thinking I was over it) but she loved hers.


  • Some peoples sickness doesnt actually start until 7-8wks, some women dnt suffer at all and some women suffer right the way through their pregnancy. Everyone is totally different, i had no sickness in my first pregnancy and only a little this time round, so i suppose i was quite lucky. Hope u feel better soon, try eating little and often and keep a supply of ginger biscuits handy so u can have a nibble wen u feel like. Kerry xxx

  • hi hayley. Congratulations on your pregnancy, didnt think id seen you on the baby forum for a while. I hate to tell you but with 2 of my pregnancys i had sickness up to week 20, the other 2 it went by week 12. i think for me tiredness played a huge part as it was always worse when i was tired, also it was the worst ever with no 4 when i had ALice who wasnt even 2 to run around after.
  • Mine stopped around 18 weeks but everyone's different honey! xxxx


  • Mine got much better at 11 weeks and only a few waves of it now (13wks). Hope yours improves too as it does make you feel crap!
  • I had it for 10hrs a day for 18wks, it stopped for little over a week but has come back,I'm currently 23wks.
    Hope yours finishes soon
  • I am coming up to 14 weeks and it seems to have stopped... I've had a few funny moments but haven't actually been sick for over a week now

    I didn't find anything helped really, I found that anything like ginger biscuits I associated with vomiting and made me heave anyway :roll: So I just ate what I could, tried to be healthy and snacked all day...

  • With my first 2 I had terrible sickness and nausea up until 12/13 weeks. They were both boys. My third was a breeze compared! Only slight nausea and hardly any vomiting (about 3 times in all!) and had a girl. This time Im having nausea on and off (worse when I go to bed and after eating) Ive been sick once, and so Im convinced this one is a girl too.

    With the boys, I would slice fresh ginger root and steep it in boiling water for a while. It tastes better if you add a bit of honey.

    Hope you feel better soon x


  • I only ever felt sick, but felt sick until week 15. It did come back though at about 25 weeks but didn't last.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  • hi all not been on for a few days had no energy! not feeling TOO bad tbh. still feel a bit nauseaous at times but the heartburn is worse but i can cope with that i did last time until my conractions started! had 7litres (seriously) of gaviscon am already halfway through abig bottle!!!! thanks for the replies girls!!!!!!!! xxx
  • Hi hun mine stopped at about 16 weeks. I found certain factors made it worse like if I missed a meal or let myself get too hungry, same with the heartburn funnily enough and ice cream helps with my heartburn!
  • mmm into ice cream at mo!! fancied ice cream, pineapple and honey the other day so had it! sounds gross but was yummy!!!!! i have t eat constantly to fend off sickness and heartburn x
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