Sorry if this is abit cheeky

Me and my oh would love a 3d scan but were wondering if anyone on here knows how much they are? Sorry if lm being cheeky pleaswe just ignore this if l am. Thanx xx


  • I have no idea how much it would cost. Cant you do a search on the internet?

    I can check too!!!
  • Bloody hell..that one is pricy. I was just having a look. And it also does depend on what you want really. I would love a DVD!!!

    if your local. mine will be at the alexandra hospital in manchester. im having the ??160 premier plus package

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  • Thanx l actually tho they were more expensive than tht!will give it sum thought xx
  • they were but have reduced the prices. the package im getting was ??210 but is now ??160. it is called the baby premier plus package and includes 8 colour still 4d images, dvd recording, finding out the gender (if you want to know) and a giftbag etc
  • Hiya,

    We are going with 'before the stork' and for 90 quid you get all this:-

    ??????? 15 minutes (approx) scan time
    ??????? Sexing of baby if required
    ??????? DVD of approximately 15 minutes with music to watch again and share
    with loved ones at home
    ??????? CDrom containing all your images taken throughout your session
    ??????? 4 high quality glossy photographs of your choice

    It's the cheapest we've come across. You get a DVD recording to music of your choice of the whole scanning session. And you can have up to 12 people in the scanning room with you!!! Can't wait for 22nd March when we have our scan!!!
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you yummy mummy!!!!!

    My oh would not entertain the idea of "wasting money" on one of these but when we saw what "beforethe stork'" were offering for the price and where it was (he knows the area) he has now said "ok then will defo think about it, should be ok".

  • hi i had mine done in december it was 150 but worth every penny to see my lo. lots of pics and two half hour dvds one of still pics and one of her moving around all in colour.
  • im having a 4d scan 26th march and for 2 photos and a dvd its ??195 in hertfordshire
  • You're welcome!!! Also, ignore what is says on their website about the length of the DVD. They told me on the phone that the DVD lasts for the whole of your scanning session and you get it on the same day along with all the other stuff...saves you waiting for it in the post!! Good Luck with yours/
  • Am just trying to work out when to have it now! Have got a scan on 13th Feb at hospital so maybe 6 wks after that would be good (if ive got the patience to last that long lol).
    Silly question, do you pay a deposit or full payment over the phone when you book?
    Cheers, Love Lee xxxxx
  • I've got a hospital appointment 4th Feb for my 21 weeks scan too. You ring them up and book the day you want the scan, then send a deposit to secure your appointment. This was for ??35 I sent a cheque. Then they send you a letter confirming your appointment with a leaflet of your choices.

    They say the best time for your scan is between 25-33 weeks. I've booked mine so I'll be 27 weeks. Can't wait. Let us know what you've decided.
  • ooo no, the idea of these freak me out so much. There is no element of surprise left, you know exactly what the baby looks like. Half the fun is looking at them for the first time when they are on ya belly or in ya arms and trying to figure out who they look like etc.
  • By the way the deposit is taken off the price of your package - just incase you thought you had to pay the whole amount on the day. So if I choose the ??90 package on the day we'll only pay ??55.
  • Mine is costing ??145 its a 45 min scan with a 45 min dvd8 photos sexing of the baby altho we already know its a girl plus a cd rom with photos on!!!
    Mines on wednesday!!
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