Worried after gastroenteritis

Xmas was a total disaster this year! Both my oh and myself had severe sickness and diarrohea for 48 hours. Really worrid now incase it's harmed baby. Annoying thing is, just 2 days earlier i'd paid to have a private scan and was really chuffed to see lo wriggling about.

I'm just hoping that everything is ok?

Jules x


  • I'm sure everything will be fine. I too had sickness and diarrohea a week before Xmas (not severe though) - i only had it a day or so but had a MW appointment a few days later and heard baby heart beat etc and was told all was well.

    I dont think it harms the baby - i was just worried as i wasnt eating properly (obviously!) and that the baby wouldnt be getting enough nutrients those few days.

    I just found i was a bit dehydrated after the sickness bug and made sure i drank more fluids etc.

    Try not to worry too much (says she who is queen worrier!).



    25 weeks & 6 days

  • Hi,

    me and my dh had exactly the same thing last week, it was so depressing. But I had a mw appointment today and everything was perfect.

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