late bfp?

pma or maybe wishful thinking ...

I am on cd 37, but no af (usually 32/33). 2 bfn so far this week. I think I ov'd on my usual 17/18cd with ewcm and ov pains. me and dh bd'd before at at this time, but not since as he is away.
Did anyone get their bfp 1-2 weeks after af due?


  • hi hun i can understand what your going through i had no signs of pregnancy just af symptoms a little over a week late i decided to take one to rule out pregnancy and there it was bfp x good luck x
  • Thanks for the reply.
    Month 5 of ttc now, and this is my first change of circumstances. I've had cramp, swollen bbs (so much so that I wake up every time I turn over in my sleep and accidentally roll on them!), and bad moods for 2 weeks now. I usually have these before af, but only for 3-4 days. It's torture!
  • I didn't get my BFP til about 10 days after AF due. Had 3 BFNs in this time.
    Good luck!
  • I got a BFN the day AF due and then a BFP when I tested three days later after AF didn't show.

    My boobs were agony from 5 DPO - especially when I took my bra off at night.

    Fingers crossed!

    B x
  • hold in there hun i had same symptoms sore boobs tummy cramps. good luck. X. when you gonna test
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