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Smoked mackerel??

Hi All

Anyone know if it is safe to eat smoked mackerel when you are pregnant? Some sources suggest it's OK if you limit to 2 portions a week, others suggest avoiding it! I bought some yesterday with the intention of making smoked mackerel pate and really fancy it!

Thanks for any advice.

George :\)


  • i dont think your allowed any pate at all when pregnant i could be wrong tho
    claire x
  • Hi Claire, Thanks for taking the time to find out that information. I know you can't eat pate but not sure about smoked mackerel? my homemade pate would just be chopped up smoked mackerel mixed with soft cheese (like phily, one you can eat!). Best I avoid it I guess if unsure. Shame, really fancied that. Thanks again for taking the time to reply. George
  • Hiya,

    Smoked Mackrel is fine, as long as you cook it properly, and limit it to 2 portions a week (they only say to avoid smoked fish, if the "smoking" is the only cooking it gets).

    I love mackrel and eat it every week. (hubby makes me a lovely cooked brekkie of mackrel and scrambled egg every weekend!)

    Also - your home made pate should be fine too, as you only have to avoid pate because of the risk of listeria, (which Philly wont have).


    37 weeks today! Whoop! Whoop!
  • Thanks N

    That's useful. Asked my midwife today and she was not sure!

    Congrats on reaching 37 weeks. Bet you can't wait to deliver now. Only another 27 weeks until I get to your stage... if I'm lucky, so far this pregnancy has had ongoing problems!

    Hope all goes well for your labour.

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