Feel Like Rubbish !! Any tips welcome !!

Hey Girls !

How is everyone this lovely Monday ??

I'm feeling pretty rubbish after going back to work on Thursday after 11 weeks off with antenatel depression I then came down with this cold/flu bug on Thursday evening and had to take Friday off work, I couldnt believe it I mean you cant make this stuff up ! image

Now i'm really suffering as I just cant sleep when i'm all bunged up but I cant find anything to clear my nose that you are allowed to take when pg ! I've tried tunes, olbas oil, hot baths, vicks vapour rub you name it i've tried it.

Only slept for about 2 1/2 maybe 3 hours last night and am now at work shattered !! Plus the cough i've got is really starting to hurt ! On Sat night I was actually convinced I was going to suffocate as I couldnt breathe thru my nose at all, my chest felt like it had a two tonne weight on it and the only position I could be in for a small amount of relief was to be stood up walking around which isnt helpful for sleeping !! I've tried sleeping sitting up but it doesnt help !! And even so I need to breathe thru my nose when I sleep, breathing thru my mouth just gives me a sore throat, a dry throat and mouth and dry lips so then I end up drinking lots of water and still being up all night peeing !!!! :roll:

So if any of you have any tips at all please send them my way !!! I feel like if I could just get some sleep then I could shake this cold.

Oh and my back hurts, got a trapped muscle or nerve or something !

What am I like !!!

Mrs W
28 + 4
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