Hello girlies.

What will your babys grandparents be getting called ie gran and grandad etc? and do you think its odd if there both called the same? i do but hubby doesn't but thought I'd get your opinions in case I'm just being weird and hormal!


  • I never called them the same, I had my Grandma and Nanna (Grandpa and Granddad-although Grandad was actually my great Grandad) so to me it is wierd when someone calls them both the same...but I have friends who had Granny Smith and Granny Jones (or whatever)
    Although to be fair our little one will have Grandma (my Grandma) Nanna (My Nanna) Nannie (My mum) Grany (Other halves mum) and Grandad (ohs dad) we havent planned it so they're all differnt its just worked out that way-lol;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • Its really confusing with us coz my toddler Rhys calls my mum and dad, Nanna and Grandad, and my granparents (his great grandparents) grandma and grandpa. Then we dnt see OH's parents and on the odd occassion we do see them they just get called by their names. But OH grandparents are also called Nanna and Grandad, poor Rhys he's got so many granparents it must get confusing for him. Kerry xxx

  • It's going to be so confusing for me. Because it's so complicated. I have 2 stepmums ( mum has a civil partner....won't go into it :lol: ) so my baby will have 4 grandmas and 2 grandads lol.

    My dad and OH dad will both be Grandad....2 stepmums he can call by name. OH mum will be mum will be Jenni, as I don't think she wants to be "grandma"! xxx
  • Oh god, just remembered he will also have 5 great grandparents too! Eeeek....having kids young eh, who'd do it!!!
  • My mum has a civil partner too-she'll just be known by her name didnt include her lol. To be honest unless she changes she wont be much of a grandparent either, she hasnt been for my niece and nephew;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • nanny and granddad on OH's side and nana or nan on my side I think ... lol on my side first grandchild and don't want to hear my mum called granny cause that's what my granny was called! xx
  • When my girls were little we had nanna and dad-dad coz they couldn't say grandad but whenever we spoke to the girls about them they were refered to as nanny/grandad white-door or nanny/grandad red-door. Sadly, by the time my eldest boy started talking my dh dad had passed away. He calls my mum nanna and my dad dee-dee. My dh mum is still nanna but we don't tend to talk to her much - no real reason, my dh does but now we've moved to Holland we don't see any of them but my folks ring often.

    When I was little I had a nanny apple coz her surname was smith (granny smith!!) on my dad's side, my grandad passed away when I was 3 and my grandad on my mum's side, my nan passed away before I was born.
  • Well my mum and dad are called 'Omi' and 'Gaga' Omi is German for granny as my mum is German and Gaga is what my dad was called at first by their first grand child nearly 18 years ago and it has stuck ever since with all new grandkids. On the otherside my oh's mum (Evie is her 1st grandchild) is called Grandma Hiya and his dad Grandad Hiya because when Evie was Little she associated them with always saying 'Hiya Evie!' to her a lot of the time.

    When the time comes names will just pop up without you even trying to think of them as you're child usually does it for you!! Then they just stick. Hope this helps.

  • I have a nanna and grampy so that'll be the same for lo even though they are great-grandparents. My parents are going to be nanny and grandad, as my mum is under the impression she is too young at 50 something to be a granny! OH only has his mum to worry about and she is happy to be granny or granma. I think it's good to have differt names else it just becomes down-right confusing!!

  • I had 2 grandmas and a grandad and jst used their surnames to no the difference. My lo will have a gran and grandy and and a grandma and grandad
  • mine want to be called nanny/nan and grandad my mum hates any other names
  • my daughter calls my parents nanna and bampa (welsh for grandad), her dads parents granny and grandpa (for some reason they like to be called that) and then her great grandparents are called gran and grandad. to confuse things, we are under instruction from my hubbys mum (my daughters stepdad) to not allow our kids to call her nan as she feels old, so all her grandkids call her "special aunty"!!!
  • my 3 kids call my dad poppy my grandad grandad billy and they only have one nan now so thats ok and my fil just grandad. this baby will just have a nan poppy and grandad billy as i am with a new partner now my husband passed away a fewn years ago x
  • I don't have any choice in the matter because both my brother and my husband's brother have kids already so both sets of grandparents have already been "christened"!

    My mum is Nanna and my dad is Grandpa. My husband's mum is grandma (so no clash there) and his dad is another Grandpa. So we have a bit of both! I would have preferred them all to be different but it would be too confusing to have my dad as Grandpa to two of his grandchildren and Grandad to my wee boy...
  • Thanks for all the replies image had a bad morning so it cheered me right up. ClaudiaT I like bampa I've never heard of that just taid as welsh for grandad. I might suggest it to my dad, as my parents live in Wales. Still at a loss as what to do. I really wanted them to have sperate names. But dh mum has picked the same name as my mum which has really suprised me cos I was sure shed what to be nan or nannie. Thats what my dh called boths his grandmothers.
  • We let ours pick. My mum is Granny (their surname is Smith) and my dad is Gramps (or Grumps) and oh mum is Grandma. Oh's dad died while I was expecting Millie but is refered to as grandpa.
  • Granny and grandpa are my parents, grandma and granddad are OH's parents... but OH's mum wants to be called jam-ma, cos she thinks the mispronounciation's cute... don't think I can call her that myself, but she can call herself it 'til she's blue in the faceimage
  • MrsKeen - am the same as you, my parents will be Nanna & Grampy (or maybe Nanny - depends what my mum wants). My great-grandad was my Grampy & he was v special to me, so thought that would be nice for my dad to be called the same (my grandad passed away when my mum was very young).

    Not sure bout "out-laws"....think Nanny & Grandad followed by their first names. Same will prob go for great-grandparents, although my Nan being as she is will prob want a special name just for her!!!! LOL

    Sarah xx
  • I have 2 children so my mum will be 'grandma' and my dad 'grandad', and my gran has always been the same to the kids as great gran seemed too much when they were little!!
    I've left mil to decide what she wants to be (hoping it's something sensible-but somehow doubt it!!)
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