Gestational Diabetes, is this normal??


diagnosed about 2 weeks ago, on insulin 7 shots a day & changed my diet, but i have to say my levels
are still all over the place even though im sticking to the diet without cheating at all. Just for example my dose of insulin for before breakfast is 7 & 2 for the background insulin, but this morning i totally forgot it for the first time. I was expecting the test to read way high even though it was only 1 piece of granary toast cause its always above 7 usually above 8 & i theres nothing else i like. I tried all bran & it made me sick & museli, well i wouldnt feed it to my rabbit! bananas send my send through the roof so they are out too. Anyway yesterdays reading before breakkie (1 slice granary toast) was 4.9 & after it was 8.7. (15g carbs per slice) Today when i forgot my insulin it was 6.0 before breakkie & only 8.0 after??? go figure i dont get that, why was it lower without insulin than with especially when i have to have a shot of 7?

Also i feel bloody awful all the time, i have zero energy feel exhausted, but cant sleep, no appetite & it just seems i cant eat anything! Plagued with heartburn & gettng so down in the dumps about it now, my tummy & fingers are full of red holes. I cant even eat a protein rich meal ie. omellette with no carbs without my sugar level going up, is this normal??

sorry proper mini rant there but am so confused & wrecked, i'd swear the mw's & dr. think im cheating but im not!

Thanks in advance for any replies.


  • Ah hun i'm sorry you're having such a miserable time with the GD, have you spoken to the person monitering you? It also might be worth keeping a food diary for a week or so to see if there is something specific thats triggering these spikes?

    I've been finding my levels are quite erratic after breakfast, something that'll be fine one day will make my b.s.l high the next which I don't understand at all. My midwife said a lot of it is trial and error so try not to panic too much but maybe give someone a ring to chat about it?

    Take care
  • are you having a drink with your toast? I know this sounds odd but i feel worse after having a cup of tea (with sweetner) than if i dont have a drink, and my sugars are higher if i have a drink too. It does seem your sugars are being quiet irratic but as kayley** says your level of actity helps lower your blood sugars too, were you rushing around a bit more than normal?

    It might be worth talking to the diabetes centre and maybe having another chat with a dietian. It does take a while for your levels to become regular, and I hope it gets sorted for you soon xxx
  • thanks girls,

    so strange today after same slice of toast reading was only 6.2?

    I have cuppa tea with it but no sweetner or sugar in it. I tried ringing the unit yesterday but no answer, am due to call in with weekly results in the morning so will speak to nurse then. So frustrating when you're doing everything right yet its all over the place. Ive only 9 weeks left & dreading baby being too big as i really really really dont want another induction, but if i keep going at this rate by the time i get sorted babs will be born lol!!

    thank you ladies.

    4fab. xx

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