help out a first timer...........

hi girls
i just realised im really not organised and am starting to panic a lil bit, we have family and friends coming over this week to help decorate my flat so thats one less thing to worry about.
but i really wanna sort out my hospital bag.........
what should go in to it?????


  • for you. nighties (3) dressing gown, slippers, warm socks ( 3 pairs) sanitary towels, comfy knickers ( 10 pairs) flannel, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush. bobbles to tie your hair back. towel for bathing, spare plastic bag so your dirty washing can be taken home by your partner ,camera. mobile phone, hospital notes. snacks and drinks.
    for baby. nappies, 4 vests, 4 baby grows, cartons of baby milk ( if not breast feeding and hospital dont supply) hats, scratch mittens, baby towel. socks, baby wipes, sudocreme.

    thats all i can think of right now
  • thanks girls i never realised i would need so much stuff, a good excuse to buy a new bag i thing lol
  • The one thing all my friends said they were glad of was a pair of flip flops for in the shower. Sometimes you just don't want your bare feet in the hospital shower ! Suz x
  • the list that l&c's mum has wrote seems to cover everything that i can think of. but when i had my lo i wish i had of taken a battery operated fan (u know one of the small ones) as i got so hot and wasnt allowed the window open when pushing lo out as the room had to be at hot temp for the baby. hope this helps xxx
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