heartburn? reflux? FRIJJ!!!!!!

after sufferng for ages someone suggested milk, i dont like milk apart from in tea or cereal so i thought i would give a choclate frijj ago, have drank these before but not for ages,MY GOD!!!!! my heartburn has eased off loads! i will now be stocking my fridge with Frijj!!!!!! of course only drinking when required:lol:


  • Yep I've done simular as I hate the taste of plain milk, though have bought a tub of nesquick powder and some semi-skimmed milk. It seems to work well, though I have to limit my intake to no more than a glass a day as have a mild lactose intollerance, so too much could give me the runs! (Sorry TMI, though it does counter another pregnancy problem! lol!) I can't even have soya milk as that also doesn't agree with me! :\(
  • ooh i love frijj. the chocmint one is nice. i have a vanilla and strawberry one in the fridge just in case.
    of course i only have it when needed also, lol
    Filo x
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