Urgent query re: Chicken Pox - please advise!

Hi there,

We are supposed to be going to stay with friends this weekend but their 2yr old boy has recently had chicken pox and their 3month old baby is still in the 10 day incubation period. The baby has shown no rash to date and the incubation period ends tomorrow.

Should I wait to hear if she's got the all clear tomorrow and go down and stay OR do you think I shouldn't take the risk?

I had mild chicken pox once as a child and have been in the vicinity of kids with chicken pox before I was pregnant and was absolutely fine - I'm just a bit nervous because I've heard that it can cause birth defects in your unborn if you do happen to get it again (or the adult version of shingles)?

Any advise would be really welcomed ladies.

Many thanks,


  • Hi

    I think it's a personal decision really. If it was me in your situation, I would wait until the child had received the 'all clear' since you said you only had mild chicken pox as a child - you might still be susceptible. If you're really unsure, get in contact with your midwife and see what she has to say. For most people, it's not too much of an issue because they had full blown chicken pox as a kid (like me), but you're right, it can cause problems in your pregnancy. There are also specific times in your pregnancy that it can be more of a worry, e.g. before 12 weeks and in the last trimester I think....

  • hi. chicken pox is a danger if you are in the first 4 months of pregnancy and if you are due to give birth as the virus can be passed to baby in the womb. i would wait to get the all clear it's not worth taking the risk, it can make baby poorly when born. but at the end of the day it is up to you. take care.xx
  • Thanks so much for your quick replies. You're absolutely right - I've just spoken to my Doctor who advised not to take the risk.
    Koi x
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