Had a big fright.....

Right i know your all guna tell me off anyway....but the curse of dopplers is all i can say!!!!!!

I had a listen to bubs earlier, and the hb sounded funny. It was beating fine, then then missed a couple beats and slowed down then sped back up again.....so now i have convinced myself there going to give me bad news at the 20wks scan. I dont feel like i can call the midwife as shel just tell me off for having one anyway, and i know it could be the doppler as sometimes the hb can disappear right n the middle of listening to it.....im trying not to panic, thatl teach me for getting one of them and why they hate us listening in at home.....:cry:

kim 18wks xxxxxxx

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  • Hello honey.

    Although I would say don't panic, ring your midwife anyway, if she tells you off for having a dobbler, ignore her!

    Don't sit there and worry OK


    P.S. Try it again in 30-mins or so, maybe have a stimulating drink to get the little one moving?
  • hi i didnt want to r&r , i sometimes read on here about u ladies who have got dopplers i i think grrr i want one lol ....but one of the reasons i havnt got one is because of this if u listen and it doesnt sound right u instantly worry and that doesnt help things ....i think u should call ure midwife just to put ure mind at rest if nothing else ...she shouldnt tell u off if she does ask her (if she has kids)if she used hers while pregnant cos i bet u she did if u have one why wouldnt u eh??im sure all is fine hun and its just ure doppler playing up or baby jumping round x x x x x
  • Thanx for ur replies girls, baby is moving round loads, getting lots of kicks etc so just hoping it was nothing...am ringing the midwife though to see what she says and to no doubt get a total bollocking from her!! Shel prob tell me i need to wait for my scan, but its just under 3wks away which feels like a lifetime right now....wish me luck, shes rubbish never rings me back, she hasnt even returned my call from when i was bleeding!

  • Try not to worry. In my eperience sometimes its just the way the baby moves can make it seem irregular even when in hospital having a trace done it used to get a bit feint with my DD as she'd move around.
  • it could also be the cord. I didnt realise you could pick up the cord until i saw the mw and she was having a listen and said oh no thats the cord!
    for all i know i have been listening to the cord all long and not the heartbeat!

    i wouldnt worry about it as long as there is a heartbeat and kicks baby is fine!
    speak to your mw tho and she will hopefully put your mind at ease

  • Also - when midwives listen for the baby's heartbeat, they're actually checking for a range rather than a fixed rate (mine always says "there's a happy baby.... nice strong beat, good range from 140 - 155bpm" or something similar). They like to hear this because it means the baby is having a little restful moment followed by a busier one - which is as it should be.

    Try not to worry - it sounds fine - better than fine, it sounds normal!

  • hey hun, i feel bad for u worry so much, but even worse at the fact that you dont feel like you can speak to your midwife. when i was pregnant with my first i didnt really like the way my midwife was being with me, she didnt really seen to have time to listen to my worries and just seemed to want to get her job over and done with so she could get home, but the fact is is that like i did, if your not getting along with, or feel uncomfortable speak to her and calling her to ease your worries then you can ask to change to a different midwife, i did it and it made my whole pregnancy so much easier.

    im glad to hear the little ones been kicking and moving around, but if u dont like your midwife......change to another one! you will feel much better.

    take care. XxXxX


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