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Hi Ladies

GRRRR just wrote this and it got wiped goes again.....Last night at about 5am i woke feeling slightly damp nothing major though it was a weak bladder maybe so wiped myself and went back to sleep woke again at 6.30 for the toilet, when i stood up about a teaspoon of liquid trickled down my legs sorry i know this isnt the most pleasent post. do you think it ould be a weak bladder or maybe my waters? would love your thoughts

kay xx

p.s just seen what i did clicked the stupid banner at the side!!!


  • It doesn't sound like they've broken - you'd know if they broke! image does sound like they might be leaking though, might be worth a trip in to mat unit or visit from the midwife to get them checked out x
  • I think it may just be discharge or mucus. I have had this before and it feels like something is running down but im not 22 weeks yet so it cant be waters.

    You will know when its your waters as when mine broke, it was like a pint of fluid running down my legs!

  • Thanks ladies it was just strnge as it was running all the way down my legs and with my first when my waters broke i only had a little fluid come out think i'll call the mid wife tonight if it happens again forgot to mention i think to top it off i may have thrush i noticed yesterday im a bit itchy i was going to pop to the chemist today and get some canestan suppose it could be that? xxx
  • it sounds to me as if you are leaking water, doubt it is anything to do withthe thrush, have you leaked anymore?
  • not really just damp i keep going to the loo every 5 mins work will think im nuts ha ha if its leaking waters is that something to worry about? that might sound stupid but i've heard of it happening to people but them having normal pregnancies

  • it does sound like your waters to me if you felt it run down your leg i would call your midwife just to be on the safe side
    claire x
  • like the others have said it could be your waters leaking,on my first pregnancy the top bit was leaking,i got it checked out and had my son 4 1/2 later,you will know when your waters go,on this pregnancy it felt like a waterfall between my legs :lol:

  • Hi ya
    How far gone are you? I had this last week and ended up with a 48hr spell in hospital making me wish I hadnt said anything! I woke up damp in the night and again in the day but it was just clear liquid so I visited the midwife and she sent me to hosp to get checked...48hrs later and a handful of internal examinations later they decided I could go home as it was unlikely my hind waters had leaked and I had positive tests for thrush (so funny you should mention it!) they thought it could be due to that so have treated me for thrush.
    Hope that may help but if you have any doubts please speak with your midwife they would do a speculum (like a smear test) and shine a torch up you to see if there are any pools of water.
    Take care
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