1st out of friends to be pregnant......


Struggling with a few issues related to being the first who is expecting....

I was hoping that nights to the pub would change to more nights round at ours or at friends for dinner...and my week day meet-ups with girly friends at the pub would still continue (minus the booze for me) but it seems this isn't the case.

I seem to be invited out less and organising things seems to lead to a dead end....I know that this will all change when we have the baby, but I just presumed we would all meet up in each others' houses more.....

Plus most of my firends don't really show an interest in the pregnancy or the up-and-coming 20 week scan.

I always thought it would be fun chatting to my friends about cute baby stuff...but they mostly seem disinterested. But instead my friends are advising me to find "new friends" at pregnancy yoga who I can bond with about this sort of thing......I really didn't think that my friends would show so little interest???

Is anyone else going through anything similar with their friends?

Feeling a little bit sad about it all...on the other hand it's lucky that I have the joy of being pregnant to keep me upbeat despite all of this friend stuff!

Any advice on how to deal with this would be appreciated.

Frankie xxx
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