i am having a baby...arnt i??

well the carpet in the nursery came today and iv just been putting all her clothes in her wardrobe and bedding in cot, nappies in nappy stacker, etc and it still hasnt hit me that im having a baby in 4 weeks image

what do i have to do to make me realise??



  • give birth to it haha i'm sure it will hit u then! xx
  • Me too!
    I have just over 8 weeks to go, everything is sorted and even though I've just posted re my nesting instinct I still can't get it into my head that I'm having a baby!!!
    Mad isn't it?!

    31+5. xx
  • Thank goodness someone else feels like this! I'm 25+4 and it really hasnt hit me that there is a baby in there, when its moving and things I have to actually think "whats that?" before I think oh yeah I'm having a baby! Its so weird. I dont really feel broody. I took Abby to kinder gym this morning and there was a child minder there with a 6 month old and all she did was cry, and she had the most horrible cry! All I could think was what a horrible baby she was and how ugly she was! I know thats really mean because thats someones beautiful little girl but I didnt feel anything. Whats wrong with me?!
  • lol, I know what you mean! I honestly don't think it will properly hit me until I actually get to hold lo for the first time.
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