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Anyone else have or having 2 under 2

i have a 1 year old And due my 2nd in September il have 17 months between them anyone else have a small age gap? 


  • Yes! Admittedly I’m a bit further on now (my eldest is 5) but he was 16 months when hus brother arrived. I promise it’s survivable and actually really lovely. 

    My only advice other than enjoy the mayhem is to buy a double buggy. I got a toddler seat and buggy board and he was too small - in hindsight I wish I’d done it differently. 

    Good luck - and emb the mayhem!

  • what do you wish you did differently? Xx

  • Hi mamabear. I have a 7 week old little girl and a 17 month old little boy. It's bedlam but it's amazing! My little boy is a total handful but he loves his sister so much and just wants to cuddle and kiss her all the time. Obviously there's really difficult moments too but that's to be expected. The 6 week growth spurt was a challenge! I definitely recommend buying a sling so you can have 2 hands free and my double buggy has been handy too. 

    Let me know if there's anything you would like to ask :) what will your age gap be? 

  • I have an 11 month old and due another in 3 weeks im due 5 days before my little girls 1st birthday xx

  • I’ll have a 17month gap dinky 😊 luckily I still have my sling from when my son was a baby xxx

    dellamarie so you’ll have just over 12 months between them 😍 I’m nervous but so excited as well xxx

  • Honestly? Nothing. My boys are close, and I love how different they are. 

  • 15 months between my two & our youngest is now 7 months. I found it hard going at the start as our second wee one had jaundice and weight gain issues. No sleep and a toddler bouncing off the walls but you get there and wouldn't change a thing. Sling and double buggy plus any help from family is great. Good luck x

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