has anyone

had the feeling that there baby will come early and tey do?????????
for the past couple of weeks i felt really heavy and having brackston hicks and the odd period pains
i just feel like she will come early.
emma 31+2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • This is my first but I do have a 'feeling' he will come early. I don't know why as I have no reason to think that, I just can't shake it off.

    Have you spoken to your midwife about it?

    Bec 29 weeks today x
  • I have no reason to believe it, but also have a "feeling" that baby Angus will come early.

    I really hope so - Daddy's 30th is the day before his due date so would be lovely if baby was here!!!

  • i've thought for ages that pip will come early but know we're getting closer i'm not so sure, i really want her to come as soon after 37 weeks as possible because my spd is getting bad now, i know that's really selfish but i can't help it
  • yep same here but again this is my first!

    Iv had period pains throughout the pregnancy but past couple of weeks my back aches all the time an the period pains are sooo much more stronger an heavier especially when in bed! but knowing my look i'll go over due date (God I hope not) image



  • my first pregnancy my son was 5wks early so i knew my last pregnancy would be early and becouse i was having twins too but i didnt bank on them been 9wks early :lol:

  • I have a feeling that my baby will come early too from the amount of braxton hicks I've been getting and the pressure down below every now and then.
    I will be interested to see if you people who are due before me do have your babies early.
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