Anyone have any views on the Tummytub bath?

Hi there, does anyone have any views/opinions on the tummytub? I am 21 weeks with my third baby and have a regular baby bath. My mum was in a pram shop at the weekend and fell in love with the tummytub. I do think it looks fab but would love to hear from anyone who has used one before going to the expense. I will also be having my 3rd c-sect so would like to hear if it works well after that? Many thanks girls x:lol:


  • Hey it_must_be_love, I have just googled this and it seems to be like a bucket to bath your baby in!
    Tammi xxx
  • yea you can get one of these in mothercare - ??20. my mother likes the look of it. i wasn't sure about it, you got to hold them up when they are new born which i thought might be difficult to do when they in a bucket (tub) rather than a regular baby bath - could be wrong though. i haven't used one before.
  • Hi, yes seen these before and my mother in law and hubby said buy a normal bucket instead does the same. But I've got the mothercare supabath that leans over the bath and doesn't hurt you so much bending down as it just rests on top so going for this again. chellex
  • oh ive heard of those meant to simulate the womb! baby sits upright it in... i'm not too sure about them tho... thinking baby's are pretty wriggly and slippy when wet and trying to get your hands down a bucket might be harder.. lol not too sure this is our first i'm about to have and most defo doing duel bathing with OH the first few times to get the hang of it! lol x
  • hiya.if its any help, i brought 1 4 my 1st baby as i thought it looked fab.i went out and brought a proper 1 3 days after we were home as i couldnt hold him properley in the tub bath.not enough room 4 baby, your hands and its really hard trying to wash him in that position.he cried everytime we tried.loved the tradional sort though!!!
  • Hi lm not very sure about them either, dont think the baby looks comfortable and how on earth can you wash them properly?xx
  • I had one and my baby hated it! Was just a bit wierd for her sitting in it, she didn't look comfy and screamed her head off! Luckily I'd only borrowed it, I wouldn't waste money on it to be honest, especially if you've got a normal baby bath. Or just go to b & q and buy a bucket lol! xxx
  • hi i havent ever used one, but personally i wouldnt like it. i know it is meant to simulate the womb, which must be good in a way, but i wouldnt think it would be easy to get baby in and out and to get your hands in to clean them once theyre bigger, they are slippery wnough as it is x (sorry!)
  • My sister used one with her baby last year which she got second hand from ebay and her baby loved it and they didn't have any problems bathing her in it. I guess it depends to a degree on the baby.

    That said, they don't fit in them for as long so they still had to get an ordinary baby bath for when she was older. Since there is already one in the family I am going to borrow it for my baby for when they are little.
  • Good idea zoey - I've got a butler sink and if all else fails I can just use that image
  • Hi - Have to say I have both and when I am on my own I much prefer the tummy tub find it really easy to bath Norah and she loves it - having said that she loves all baths. It was a bit fiddly when she was first born but now she can sit up in it without support and I can clean her easily. She is 11 weeks old now and to be honest I can see it lasting all that long. If you can borrow one do. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for that girls - I don't think I'll bother - good luck to you all xx
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