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Could I be Pregnant?

Hello I am new to this forum, so please bare with me :)

I had a tummy tuck operation on the 28th of February. 6 of March I had a period, all was normal. It was around 5 days, just like my usual periods. I started taking the pill when my period came so it was effective straight away.

I was next due on, 3rd of April. A few days before I was due, I was wiping brownish/blackish blood not enough to wear a pad, and not spotting, this was about 2 days it lasted.  I then had brown discharge 1 week after period was due. It only happend when I wiped, this lasted for 2 days. 1 week later, same thing, only this time it was light spotting. 3 days this lasted and the blood was brown, not enough to fill a pad. I had done a CBD around this time and got a "Not Pregnant"

Now a few days ago (19th till 21st of April) I started to have what looked like a period, but it lasted 2 days, and I wore 1 pad each day, and it didn't fill the pad each times I wore it. I was bloated during this time and did have cramps. I assumed it was a very light period.

Today, I am having terrible cramps specially on my left side, and my boobs today were really sore and nipples were sensitive, and I've had slight nausea. It took me back to the last time I was pregnant. (I had an Abortion due to suffering from Bulimia, Worst mistake of my life wish I never had done it! please do not judge) 

The last time, I missed a period, 2 weeks later done a test and got a BFP. No bleeding, and just period like cramps, I found out really early, when I was 3 weeks. I know every pregnancy is different, but I can't help but wonder if I could be? does this sound like any similar experience to anyone? I don't wanna waste a CBD really, I'm also not TTC either. I don't want to be pregnant, but if I were, I'd keep the pregnancy this time.

I've been stressed the last few weeks specially with Bulimia, and due to my surgery maybe this messed things ups?

Anywho, please tell me what it sounds like to you guys?

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