9cm gain around my waist

Hi ladies

just in shock and wanted to share.....

OH just measured my tummy and in the last 3 weeks i have added 9 cms to my waist!!!

I know I have been eating a lot, but not much more really than usual and mostly fruit!!

tummy is def getting rounder and more noticeable at 9 + 2 weeks today.

any one else had similar or is it just my imagination?!!!!

....munch munch munch

Lisa xx



  • lol, tmi but had really bad trapped gas today so maybe I am bloated. Guess I have to wait for the scan to suss my 'proper' dates
  • i was so bloated at around 8-12 weeks!! i knew i was cos i had a huge bump at night but then in the morning there was nothing there!!! i got a proper bump at 16 week xx
  • Hi

    I got big early but due to water retention (big at night not so big in morning). I started getting small stretch marks over my belly and they were really sore. Now 16 weeks and look very pregnant! Skin much better.

    My skin suffered so much with dryness - flaky skin, dandruff, sores. Not nice! On a plus has no other syptoms.
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