working nights and exhausted before I start!!!

Hey guys

Its been a while and hope you are all doing good??

I am about to start a run of three nights finishing on monday morning and then back on an early on tuesday morning. My next day off is next saturday and I have 2 10 hour shifs included before i get there. The main thing is I AM EXHAUSTED!!!

I haven't even started the nights yet and I feel tired and quite unwell. My other half said that if I am not managing after the first couple of shifts I should just call in sick but I have had 6 episodes of sickness since becoming pregnant and don't want to take anymore. I have thought about suggesting I take unpaid leave for a shift but not sure they'll agree to it anyway. I am anaemic and was started on iron tablets on wednesday but know they take ages to work.


Abi (28+6) xx


  • Hi Abi

    I used to work nights most of the time (am now on maternity leave) as have little boy. I used to just ask to have maximum of two together and we always got two days off afterwards. I must say doing 3 nights and then going straight onto a day shift afterwards must be exhausting for you we're not allowed to do that where i work. I am a nurse what do you do?

    Can you speak to your manager and tell them how your feeling and see whether they can swap your shifts about?


  • Hiya, Thanks for your response

    I am a nurse too. I have done 2 nights together and didn't have a problem apart from feeling quite tired but managed.

    I can't talk to my manager cos to be quite honest i am a bit scared of her (she is a new manager after my ward shut and I was forced to move due to money and reshuffle) but also she is on annual leave for a week and the junior sisters don't seem to have the power to do very much.

    I doubt I could get different shifts cos the junior sister who does the duty rota will not change it after it has been issued no matter what the circumstances.

    I am so tired
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