Super skinny pregnancy tv programme...

Argh, only just started and I'm already annoyed! It is just mental the pressure women put on themselves (or are put under by society) - for God's sake you are MEANT to put on weight when you're pregnant. Anyone else watching? x


  • I know what you mean shouldn't be watching it with my blood pressure!!
  • i know i think im going to get quite irrate with some of the stupid women in the next prt hope none of the ttc girls are watching as some women just dont deserve to be pregnant & i think there will be a few of them in this progrmme.

  • How infuriating!! Now , wheres my malteasers! x
  • hehe, i just hd a bit toast
  • well im proud of me fat ass now and big belly and stretch marks and milky tits i erned thm even wen they all go south wen i ad her il still be proud i made me babys in this body nobody is gona b perfect after carrying 4 9 mnths lol bloody snobs they shud get a grip if they dnt want the weight gain they shudnt get pregnant and keep there legs crossed
  • i thought it would be a positive programme n make us feel better about gaining weight...all it did was make me think...shudnt have eaten that chow mein at teatime!!!!!! Did u see Louise at the end in her photoshoot, the photo on the laptop??? she was bloody perfect!!!!!
  • I liked Mel C's comments but much as I like Louise Redknapp I felt a bit let down by her, lol!! I know it's a personal thing but it'd have been great if after seeing the post pregnancy ladies (how brave and lovely of them to show the world their bodies and be proud, hope I'm like that) she'd said "sod it I'm staying a bit heavier!"
    Ames x
  • I have to agree with you Ames and I was suprised the programme didn't actually feature many peoples stories, it was more about Louise. She looked stunning pregnant and did lose all her baby weight very quickly, sort of defeating the point that is is okkkkkk to do it slowly! Her baby looked so cute though and now I can't wait to meet my little boy!

    Bec 33 weeks today x
  • I don't understand why she had such a problem...she was a bloody size 10 at 8 months pregnant! It's hardly as if she had turned into a beached whale! It was like it was the end of the world for her to be 9lbs heavier!

    I was expecting it to be more about encouraging women to healthily gain weight whilst pregnant rather than just showing people who want to get/stay skinny and how they do it! Also, other than the 1 bit with the Doctor saying how it can damage the baby, it hardly showed the negatives of being so unhealthy at all!
  • I watched this, what about the woman who put on just 8lb by 8 months pregnant? That's just crazy!!!!

  • im glad it wasnt just me i was very disppointed with it, their really was no role model for pregnant women, perhaps they should have interviewed charlotte church or holly willowby who have embrassed being pregnant & not seen it as "fat".
    have to say mel c came across very well perhaps she should have presente4d the programme.

    p.s why was she worried about her photo shoot t was going to be airbrushed anywy.

  • Well, I cant believe she went half way around the world leaving her 8 week old baby behind! I really dont think I could have done that, I know it was for work, but seriously - whats more important?! She looked great in her post pregnancy underwear photoshoot - but she still wasnt happy as she still had 7lb to lose to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight!

  • i didnt watch it... bt im pretty sure u have to have had experience of body image probs -- eating disorders,,to really understand this!!!!.;..
    as i said i didnt watch it, due to having had eating dissorders, i avoid this topic while preg so as not to trigger past thoughts!!!
    but i certainly wd not attempt to remain slim while preg!... infact getting pregnant has helped me so much!!!!.....i hope this remains once baby has arrived...
    31 +5
  • hi i was a bit dissapointed by this too can i say though it is possible to only put on a tiny bit and still have a healthy weighing baby ....when i was 8 weeks pregnant they weighed me at ....13stone 2Ib when i gave birth to sophia ..well the day before i had her i was ...12 stone 13pounds image and the day after i had her i was 11 stone dead on so i actually lost weight not gained it and sophia was a healthy 6 IB 8 pounds image ...p.s i dont have an eating disorder just a stoopid body that makes me only ever lose weight when im pregnant :evil: :lol: ......

    lisa(gatecrashing image ) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • TBH I just can't really understand people saying they need to be a certain weight

    I didn't see the programme, but I was 9st before getting PG and I'm just over 9 1/2st now. I am quite lucky in that I never have to diet- I have always been able to eat what I want and not really put weight on- my fluctuations were monthly. I well imagine I will put more on while PG, and when I have my baby girl I'm sure I will want to get my body looking trim again but I won't be going "I need to get dead on 9st again like before". If I am 9 1/2 stone I can live with that.

    Why does everyone need to be a certain weight?

    21+1 x
  • I was disappointed aswell. I used to really like Louise but she has let me down with her comments. The whole programme was abit boring actually and I am really shocked that she left her 7 week old baby, to film in America. I could not do that.


  • I don't think I'll ever be asked to appear in a programme like this. I put on over 4 stone in my last pregnancy and it looks like im going the same way with this one too!
    I was shocked about that woman managing to only gain 8lbs. Surely its got to be damaging somehow down the line. Does anyone remember what the site was called where the american women were celebrating their post pregnancy bodies? xxx

    Cat 20+6
  • Thanks for the site, I wanted to have a look at it too! x
  • I watched it too............
    I dont know wht she worried so much either as she "HAD" to have been airbrushed anyway!
    Ive put on 4 stone but hope to loose it again safely after my little girl arrives.
    Ive eaten exactley whats best for baby, and if that means gaining weight then so be it!?

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