Tashy1 - Found the heartbeat!

Hey Tashy,

Tried my doppler out last night and EVENTALLY after a bit of a girlie strop found the heartbeat. I'm only 12 weeks so it took a while but eventually found it. Not going to use it again for at least a week though as it is a bit addictive!

Hope yours arrives today and you have some luck over the weekend but don't stress if you can't find it, they do like to hide!! One tip, make sure you have an empty bladder first, my midwife told me that as its can be even harder to find otherwise.

Good luck. Gem x


  • Where do you buy these dopplers from? Do you think they are a good idea or do they make you paranoid? Thinking bout getting one but hubby thinks would send me mad!
  • Need a really really good argument for having one or hubby will put his foot down! Maybe when hes heard it for 1st time at docs he'll get addicted!
  • Dopplers are very addictive! I'm 34 weeks and still use it most days, and have been since 14 weeks!!

    Heres another tip if you can - get your oh to do the searching for the heartbeat while you lie down - its much easier that way...in the earlier days, hubby could find baby every time whereas I couldn't - partly cause I was moving while trying to find the heartbeat and to be honest partly cause I'm impatient!

    oldermum- I got my angelsounds doppler for ??30 from ebay. Personally I think they are fantastic and its the best ??30 I ever spent! You do have to be prepared (especially in the early days) that you might not find the heartbeat every time - I got mine at about 14 weeks and it took us 3 days to find the heartbeat. It can also be a little frustrating sometimes playing 'chase the baby' when you catch a bit of heartbeat and then baby moves!

    I think if you know that you'll worry if you can;t find a heartbeat straight away then maybe a doppler isn't for you, but if you are capable of putting the doppler away and trying again later without worrying then its definately worth the money. IT can take a while to find the heartbeat when baby is small... so you need patience.. at 12 +2 it took my mw a good five minutes or more to find a heartbeat (after I begged her to try!!) - and that was because baby was still very low down.

    It was great reassurance for both me and hubby, and its also been good for hubby to hear baby especially when I was starting to feel movements and hubby either couldn't feel, or every time he tried to feel, baby would stop moving!
  • I have one and started using it when I was 13 weeks. My oh (the cheapskate) got it for ??10 off ebay (it was called baby beets, yep they even spelled it wrong) when I begged him as I was skint at the time.

    I thought "oh for ??10 it won't work then" but I gave it a go and although it took AGES to find it, I did get it! The important thing for finding it early is to use loads of gel, be patient and just don't worry. My mum always said well if you miscarried after 12 weeks you would be in a lot of pain with bleeding and that vaguely reassured me...although not pleasant...

    Tbh though if you're only 12 weeks then I would just try and get it out once a week or so because it can be a bit worrying. I am now 16+4 and I use it loads more than I used to cause I can always find the hb, and don't even have to use gel anymore just a bit of water. It's also much louder so it's good that my oh can listen to it, before in the amount of time I'd took the headphones off and given them to him the baby would have moved and because it was so early it wasn't big enough to hear unless it was really close!

    Good luck. x x x
  • heh..we had that problem with the baby moving while swapping headphones! We did try with 2 sets of headphones for a while but one was louder than the other so hubby ended up deafened so we gave up on that. You couldalso try plugging pc speakers into the doppler.

    Hm that reminds me..must go fetch the new battery - i've found that with my doppler the heartbeat goes really faint as the battery is going...worried me the first time the battery went!
  • Hi,

    I bought the angelsounds doppler on ebay and amazingly found the heartbeat at 9.5weeks! I'm now 15weeks and it gets stronger and easier to find all the time. It's the best ??30 I've spent - I thought my DP would go mad ( I bought it without asking him!) but actually he thought it was a great idea too.

    You don't necessarily get obsessed with it, I listen just once a week for a minute or so and it has given me such peace of mind, I can actually enjoy the pregnancy without worrying.

    Just as a tip the extra PC lead that you get with it can be plugged into a stereo or PC speakers so both you and your partner can listen at the same time - no need for headphones. Oh, just read Kia's post, oops repeating the obvious sorry! ;\)


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