A little spotting

hi ladies

last friday night i went to the loo wiped and there was a small amount of blood on the tissue. i went histerical and cried for about 2 hours.

saw the midwife the next day who thinks it may have been an implantation bleed but also gave me the talk about miscarriage. i have not had any since (touch wood) but now can't relax at all and am obsessed with going to the toilet.

i am 10 weeks 2 days and thought implantation would have happened before now.

has anyone else had anything like this?


  • hi
    i havent experienced this but i know its quite common in early pg to spot i think there is a worry when its heavy and there is pain too. have you had a scan yet? xxxx
  • thanks hayleys1

    got my scan 2 weeks today so don't think i'm gonna relax at all until i see the little one on that screen for myself heart beating and moving!
  • Yes I had it hun. At 7 weeks and 10 weeks and again some time after that but i can't remember when. I had various blood from brown to a streak of bright red at one point.
    I went to the hospital and had extra scans.
    It is very common apparently, mine was even with cramping pains but they couldn't explain it to me.
    If you are worried or it persists, go straight to your EPU. They are brilliant and deal with this all the time.
    Try and relax, I'm sure your mw would have sent you for a scan if she was worried.
    I didn't even have a mw until 10 weeks!!

    33 weeks. xx
  • I had this around ten weeks too and paid for a scan. The consultant said that spotting is common around the time the placenta is developing and said that my (brown) spotting was due to this. Hope this puts your mind at rest - I've seen it mentioned in one or two books since so it must be quite common.

    I also had (brown) spotting around 14 weeks which I now think was due to *whispers* s.e.x. (sorry tmi) - haven't had any of both since (again tmi!!!) so perhaps it's true. Someone posted on my message about the sex thing as she had had it too. Hope this is of some help and avoids any further worrying x

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  • Hi hun I had some spotting and bleeding at 12 weeks, they never did find out why except my placenta was low lying at my 10 week scan but anterior at my 16 week scan so they thing it may have been the placenta moving. I still have little bits of spotting occasionally now, after sex normally so its a very rare occurance!
    I know its easier said than done but try not to worry too much, there are so many things it could be. If your really worried or it gets worse see your gp or go to A+E, at least a scan will put your mind at rest because the heartbeat will be visable now.
  • Hi hun, I had some spotting probably around your stage (I hadn't told people at work but my mum knew I was pregnant) I completely panicked. I was at mums house and rushed off home when it happened without mentioning why to my mum-I rang oh on the way and told him to ring the doctors-I was hysterical by the time I got home, but babies fine and to be honest I never really got an explanation as to what it was-just to let you know not to worry too much (I know thats easier said then done) but it does happen hun-might just be implantation bleed or you could have a bit of an infection down there xxxx


  • I had spotting at about 7 weeks and again about 9 weeks with both this pregnancy and when I was pregnant with Millie. I didn't relax either time until I had my first scan and was constantly checking for more blood but both times it turned out absoultely fine.
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