It is lovely to move up to the pregnancy forum at last. I could have moved here earlier but no internet. I am 16 weeks now and loving it.


  • Hello, congrats! Have you had much sickness etc? Will you be finding out the sex? xxx
  • No sickness only dry skin and headaches. I had a migraine for 3 days! We are waiting to find out the sex at birth. The first few weeks I missed wine and soft boiled eggs so much but now I am not fussed. A friend of mine is also pregnant and she went off all food where I did not feel a change at all. I did another preg test at 6 weeks just to make sure as i felt more or less the same.
  • Lol, I have the dry skin thing too, no matter how much water I drink and moisturiser I go through. Can't stop craving pate and soft cheese though, so will be pigging out big time once baby arrives.

    My MIL had no sickness or symptoms with both her pregnancies, whereas my mum had sickness 24/7 with both me and little bro. It's amazing how different everyones experiences are. xxx
  • Congratulations!!
    I also have dry skin- hadn't even thought it could be the pregnancy!!?
    I had a little nausea but other wise ok-just really tired!
    Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy!
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