Seriously MOODY sorry but hormone hell!!!

Hi girls....

I hope everybody is doing well and bumps/LO are doing great? I usually am a nice person, honest, but the last week I have turned into the bitch from hell. I even packed my bags yday to leave OH as my hormones are a living nightmare. I posted on here about having a paddy in a very packed Asda and thought I had calmed down, but they are back. My neighbour is due 2 weeks before me and she had her baby last night 7 weeks early. When she came home today, instead of being concerned and happy for her, I was sooo jealous and told her so!!! She asked me how I was doing and I turned around and said I was fine until you had your baby, now I'm jealous and pissed off!!! OH my god, I swear I am going to hell. I am horrid!! I am 30 weeks and don't think I can bear 10 more weeks of this.

Sorry to have ranted on and I hope I havn't offended any of you girls....

Katie and bambino.x x x


  • don't worry it's normal - I'm happy one min and bite hubby's head off the next - soooo tired as well at the mo so a bit snappy chelle xx ps I'm getting bored waiting and am only 25+4
  • Im so sorry but i had to laugh at this post because i can just imagine the look on the girls face wen u said u were fyn until u had ur baby. Pregnancy hormones are just one of those things that u and anyone in the firing line has to deal with. Iv defo bin more hormonal with this pregnancy, but at 30wks ur prob gona get worse b4 u get better. I remember been a nightmare from bout 38wks onwards. Im sure everyone understands and u are not going to hell, ur suffering just as much as ur victims. Try and see the funny side of it (if u can find one). Sorry not much help. Kerry xxx

  • Yup I'm still as hormonal as hell here aswell! I even got up at 4am to have a moan at my dh (who had just come in early from nights) for slamming the door and waking me up and for not having put some water in the fridge for me to drink (long story but we've got builders in and we have to fill water bottles up from the outside tap!)

    DH was just laughing at me and asked how I had the energy to start moaning that early in the morning! I went back to bed, but I think I remember actually stamping my foot!!!!

    Roll on June......

  • LOL girls...thanks for making me feel the tiniest bit human!!! for stamping your foot...I'm sure I have prob done that too

    Zoey...When I packed my bags yday (which consisted of my hair straightners and a pair of socks!!) I turned around to OH and said "i must be mad to want a baby with you"...I mean seriously he was probably thinking the same with every bloody reason too...he's the calmest, sweetest, kindest man you'll ever meet....

    Thanks for your kind words Kerry and chellebell, I just hope I don't bump into my neighbour til baby here now!!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Hi all
    Im the same one minute im great to be around then i'm shouting at my other half telling him he doesnt love me and understand me, due to the fact we dont live together its worse if he doesnt text me or call me he doesnt care or hes not wanting to be there. Its so unfair i know but i cant help myself i feel awful and think i may push him away. He keeps telling me he loves me all the time but its hard to see it when ur hormones are f##ked to pieces. I wish i could make him understand its so hard being alone bringin up a 4 year old and being pregnant and trying to finish degree!!! honestly i just want her here now pregnancy is sooo stressful.
    tracey 28 weeks 3 days
  • Everyone says I have been more relaxed and less moody since I got pregnant! (Thanks, what was I like before?! :lol: ) I've never been very hormonal though. I can't afford to be as everyone around me is! I have to be a calming influence because my oh has the worst temper ever. He gets angry at little things not going his way and OMG the road rage, I could kill him sometimes but hey that's him and I would find it odd if he wasn't like that, but it's like Male PMT gone mad! So I just make him tea and stay out of it...

    Then again I did have 1 hormonal incident when the trains were running dodgy, I missed 1 train and the other one changed its destination and wasn't stopping at my station. I was storming round b'ham new street in a rage lol and when someone got in my way I told them to f*** off!!! Not like me AT ALL. And then I just almost started crying and stamping my feet like a toddler!!!

    But yeah apart from that - I'm great! Lol. Hope things get better soon!! xxxx

  • LOL Tiger Lily - no, you don't sound hormonal at all!!!!

  • lol katie packing ur straightners and a pair of socks lol what else does a girl need!!!!
    i remember being 30 weeks and becoming all hormonal in kfc we were sitting there at about 11pm and i just started crying screaming at oh that i didnt want to be pg anymore and that i just wanted her out and i was deadly serious kirk was so sweet he just hugged me and said she will be here soon dont worry baby lol i could of punched him tho lol
    since then he hasnt helped by saying i wish she would hurry up and get here or he will say i cant wait for her to get here etc drives me crazy!!!
  • Its my first day bk to work today since good friday so god help my customers!!!

    Good to know I'm not alone on the hormonal front!!!
    Thanks to all you girls for cheering me up and chilling me out (for now anyway!!!)

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • on valentines day i had such a beautiful day OH had made such a lovely effort - in bed later I burst into tears because i 'was too happy' & what if i wasn't 'always THAT happy' if thats not mental/hormonal god knows what is! haha.. OH gave me loads of comfort but men must think were strange!
    I have random fits of laughter than I cant control even when in an important meeting at work and cant even catch my breat to apoligise I MUST look manic!! haha..
    I realy told OH off one night because I shared my ice cream with him (in his own bowl) but he ate it wrongly he was mashing it up - but he was MEANT (in my head) to be eating it layer by layer! he just laught at me and i relised how silly i was being but i still watch him eat it and make sure he was 'doing it properly'.
    Some random Idiot nearly drove into me on my way to work.. I walked in the door in floods of tears saying 'someone nearly hit my car' and the fella i work with who is highly unprofessional but ever so funny! said what do you mean... so you never ACTUALLY got hit... so why are you crying... lol I was like got a fright! but then started to laugh and relised that me and baby were okay and i didnt really need to be upset as much as i was..
    me and OH are about to move in together (after 6 years) lol and we were planning the house goods weve set money aside for... then he tells me he wants to buy a plasma telly lol I nearly ate him for 'not being sensible enough' haha in hide sight with the random laughting and crying and temper tantrumes (yes!! I slam doors to make my point) I should be over the monn he still wants to live with me at all... and rather than telling him off I should be thinking Corr isinit nice that he wants us to have nice things in our house! lol
  • lmao!!

    I am a complete hormonal bitch!!! My OH has even said he is booking in to have the snip so there is NO WAY we are ever living through this again. Must admit to threatening him a few times with a home-op consisting of nail scissors and 2 bricks.

    I have packed more bags, then sat unpacking them sobbing, in the last 27 wks than I have in my life! I get trolley rage in the supermarket, queue rage anywhere, road rage all the time and at home I have more time on my hands than I know what to do with (SPD hell) so can rant and rave at any piece of machinery (or human that happens to knock on the door) that happens to piss me off. OH has threatened to have me locked up for shouting at the computer, tv, stereo etc!

    Roll on June when I can become almost human again lol

    Love Lee
  • LOL Lee...Its horrible isn't it.....The only person that keeps me calm is my 4 year old step son as I know I can't shout at him.....I got midwife appointment today so I might ask her for some tips on how to try and stay calm as I really don't like myself at the mo!!!

    My OH has called mine whore moans instead of hormones...!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • I dont believe there is such a thing as being calm while being preggers lol

    I feel myself reaching boiling point over the most stupid things from 0 -250mph is a split second! My little boy cannot find his ds charger this morning and I am sat here doing breathing exercises because otherwise I would be laying on my bed sobbing like I have just been told the worst news ever or screaming like a banshee at the next person who rings! My teenage son is at home being an absolute godsend today. At least seeing his mum like this will put him off making me a granny any time soon lol
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