EPU again today, still no answers!!

Hey girls, well as you all know my saga has been going since the 6th Sept-got BFP at this time however was bleeding. Went up to the EPU and on the 14th Sept I got a scan and got bloods done-scan showed a thickening in my womb, bloood levels were only 99 so they said I was having a MC and they told me to test again in a week. Well, I tested again and still got BFP back to the EPU on 3rd Oct, had another scan which showed my womb was empty so they told me to test again in a week. Well, I tested again on Sat, stil BFP-went to the EPU today and had bloods done, bloods are showing levels of 71 which the MW cannot understand!! I have to go back on Wed for more bloods to see what happens to the levels!! I am mega confused!!!!! xxxxxx


  • Goodness me wigzy!!! I don't know what to say.
    They've told you you misscarried and now they aren't sure? That must be so devestating and yet there is still some sort of hope... I can't really give you any advise as such but I have my fingers, arms, legs, eyes and everything else crossed for you and hope that you have a miracle sticky bean in there hanging on tight!
    My friend had her 'period' all the way through her pregnancy and didn't know she was pregnant till 13 weeks as it was an unplanned pregnancy so she never tested. I know it is unlikely to be the same for you but these things can obviously happen!
    I am sooooooooooo hoping everything turns out the way you are hoping.
    Lots of love Hannah xxx
  • Hi wigzy,

    I've been following your story and am so sorry that you're still in limbo. I got my BFP on the 6th September too and had an early scan on the 24th September (after some brown discharge) which put me at 6+5 and we saw a clear heartbeat.

    Is there any chance that you may have fallen again since they first thought you had miscarried? It would make it very early days and possibly why your levels are low?

    Either way I really hope you get some answers soon as I can't begin to imagine how hard it must be not to know.

    Take care xx
  • oh hun that sounds awful for you.
    unfortunately levels of hcg can take a while to return to normal after mc. however you may have fallen pg since. when i had my 2nd mc i had levels done and they told me tests were -ve, i had done my own at home too, so i had mc. Then 2 weeks later i was pg again and at 8dpo i got my b fp. so it is possible. also if it was a mc then the last bean can provide a nice nest for fingers crossed this one.
    Trying to be hopeful for you at a tough time or hoping that you have a difficult bean and it wasnt a mc. Take care and good luck on wednesday.
    Filo x
  • Thanks to everyone for your replies. I feel like Im quietly going mad!!! OH and I have b'd a lot since we thought I had MC but I didnt think it would be possible to fall pg again so quickly especially when I thought I had AF!!! God, why does it have to be so confusing!!! xxxxxx
  • It may also depend on the tests that you are using. Some of the ones I used said that they can give a positive reading if you have miscarried anywhere up to 8 weeks previous to the test date.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  • Thanks HarryPotter, its the hospital ones Ive been using- they have been giving me them home with me. I just cant understand why my blood level has not dropped!!!! xxxxxx
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