Hi all

I am currently 20 + 2 with my first and am starting to feel a lot more movements but today they feel really low down on the left hand side and more movement rather that kicks / flutterings.

Is this normal ? does anyone else feel this?




  • Am at the same stage as you and have been getting the same. Less obvious "kicks" but more wriggling.

    Did concern me a bit but today have watched my belly dancing on its own to "kiss classics" through cd walkman speakers on my bump so because there was movement am not too concerned.

    Yes, have been really bored - roll on college tomorrow lol
    Love Lee
  • Hi Girls

    Thanks for the replys

    Lee it sounds like your getting the same as me more wriggling as it is.

    Had 20 week scan last Fri all well but need to go back this Fri as baby was wriggling too much to get all the measurements they needed.

    Maybe we have v active lo's???

  • Hi,
    All my movements have bin twists and turns rather than kicks and puches (upto now). However the other day baby must of had hiccups or sumthing coz every 10-15secs i was getting this little jumping in my tummy, ha ha ha. I loved it later on in my first pregnancy wen baby had hiccups and my whole tummy jumpedand everyone wud sit there laughing at me. Kerry xxx

  • My baby does this. Sometimes he kicks, sometimes he wriggles, and hiccups as well, it's fascinating to watch when that happens!

    I would just enjoy it....I love the feeling of him wriggling inside me! It feels completely insane, I can't describe it. I am 28+1 so he's getting stronger lol.

    The movements always feel low down at first, but at about 24 weeks I started feeling them much much higher up, like in my ribs. xxx
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