Sharp Pains and symptoms disappearing Week 10

Woke up at 2am with bad stabbing pains down below and now \i am reaaly worried. They do not feel like the stretching pains I had early on. Also my symptoms (nausea and breast tenderness) seem to have disappeared over the last couple of days. Not sure if that is just because I am lucky or is something to worry about. I cant help thinking that when I go for my scan on the 13th Jan there is not going to be anything there!! Should I ring the docs/MW in the morning???? Anybody else experience the same?



  • Hi Muffin

    Firstly, try not to worry - difficult I know.

    The loss of symptoms don't necessarily mean anything. From what I can gather it can happen at any time during the pregnancy.

    Have you had any bleeding? Do you need to have a poo? (sorry, bit personal here) because the sharp pains could be related to this, rather than anything to do with the baby.

    It may be a good idea to contact your midwife for advice and/or to get an appointment to double check that everything is OK.
  • Muffin try not to worry. It was around this time that my pains changed too. In the beginning it's like af cramps due to implantation I think. Then around 10 weeks I had another pain quite painful still do sometimes but not as much and I am 19 weeks that is a stabbing type pain that is the uterus stretching I am told. I have never had many symptoms throughout so can't help you much there. But you are approaching the 2nd trimester (12 weeks) when the symptoms start to go away.
  • Can I just add as well that it was about this time that my nausea went.

  • Thanks you three! Feeling slightly less paranoid this morning now I have had some sleep!
  • from about 10 weeks on, your placenta starts to take over and this can be why many women start to lose symptoms around this time. Try not to worry hun - i know how hard that is! x
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