My face is covered in spots...any advice?

HI all, i've had a serious outbreak of spots all over my face and i feel very self conscious to say the least. Not only does my skin look very pale and grey looking, my dark circles are even darker than normal too.
So, i feel like i want to treat myself to something nice that's going to make me feel all glowy. I do have a really good skincare routine anyway, but i suppose all the hormones are over-riding it.

Any recommendations?


  • My doctor wouldn't prescribe me anything! I have bought some Tea Tree cleanser and night gel but it's too early to say if it's working

    Maybe speak to a beautician and see if they can recommend a nice facial for you!

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  • Thanks girls - the things we have to go through eh? Just getting over my morning sickness, now spots have invaded!!

    Good idea Kimmy, i could do with a nice facial i think image
  • Sorry gate crashing from Lt-ttc but thought i would recommend Sudacrem (sp?) i suffer with quite a few spots due to PCOS and i read that cherly cole use this on her face so thought what the heck i'll give it a go....

    AND IT WORKS!!!!

    I still get a few spots but they go quickely and it reduces the redness as well due to the anticeptic properties in it.

    If its good enought for nappy rash its good enough for my face!!
  • Wow, thanks lilac - that's a great idea, i might just try that out!!
    Thanks hun xx
  • I would treat yourself to a skin analysis and facial - try to find a therapist who specialises in Dermalogica products and facials and she should do your "skin mapping" for free - honestly i swear by their products and facials and i'm a real product junkie i'm just addicted to their stuff!
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