I need to rant about 3 different things!!

Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhh! What a weekend!

Friday- Went to the co op for a loaf of bread and some apples, and was given a free consultation! Yes, the woman working in the bakery there informs me i'm far too big and far too low for how many weeks i am, there's no way i'll make it to May, and will probably deliver at 36 weeks! What she's doing serving behind a bakery counter when she's clearly a fully qualified midwife i'll never know! I told her i must have an awful midwife because she's measuring me exactly right for dates, and my growth scan must have been wrong too as my baby was on the smaller side of average!!!!! Grrrrr.....Annoyance number one!

Saturday - I went to a friends hen party at butlins in bognor, and while i was there, one of my so called "friends" (one who i've not seen since we found out our son is autistic as she finds his tantrums embarrassing) was asking how i've been getting on. I was telling her how my pregnancy has been difficult, and that i'm finding Luca a struggle because he's on the go all the time and i literally cant take my eyes off him (he's actually sitting on my shoulders at the moment rubbing my hair) and i also said i found it hard to bite my tongue when people out and about tut and stare and shake their heads and look at me like i'm a terrible parent because he's having a screaming fit about something thats upset him. Her reply was she knows exactly how i feel, because, get this, when she was pregnant, people stared at her and made comments all the time because they'd see her smoking!!! I'm sorry, but how is that the same? She knew the risks to her baby (who was born very small with other complications due to her smoking 20 a day all the way through) and made the decision to smoke regardless. I have done everything i can to keep my son healthy and happy, and the way he is is totally beyond my control. So as far as i'm concerned its nowhere near the same thing!!

Sunday - One of my close friends sadly lost her baby about a month ago when she was 10 weeks pregnant. She came to me in tears, because her sister in law, who is a midwife, is also pregnant and went round there to show her all the lovely little things she's bought for her baby. I thought that was insensitive enough, but when Gemma told me that when she made a passing comment about having a tuna salad for lunch, this wonderful sister in law told her that if she eats tuna thats probably why she lost the baby! Not only is it safe to eat a little tuna in pregnancy, Gemma never actually said she'd eaten it when she was pregnant, but that day!! I cant see that she's much of a good midwife if she's that tactless and insensitive!

So that was my weekend lol, as you can imagine i'm in rather a bad mood today, and just needed to get all that off my chest! Hope you all had a better time! xxx


  • That's awful Linz! I can't believe some people are so insensitive! Its hard enough being pregnant without having to deal with people's nasty comments!

    Hope you feel better for having a rant anyway hun! x
  • I think my response to all three of those is "what a stupid insensitive cow!!"

    OMG I can't believe the last two in particular!!

    Ames x
  • Blimey Lynz,
    That sounds rubbish. Women can be evil to each other when they feel like it.

    After I had my m/c ad then eptopic m/c I had a number of friends tell me that I had probably lost them due to my size ( I was 5"6 and a size 14 - rounded, but hardly obese..) and dont get me started on the constant "god you are enormous" comments now!

    People can be just SO insensitive. I know its hard but rise above them.. They only say these things because they are insecure.
    Big hug.
  • I do feel much better now, DH came to the rescue with a hot bath and a HUGE bag of crisps! It makes you wonder how more people arent walking around with black eyes really doesnt it!! x
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