I have got my first scan tomorrow at 6+5 and for some reason I keep thinking its going to be twins, I have no reason to think this. We concieved naturally, I have no history of twins in my family, I have no morning sickness and apart from my tummy being harder after I eat I am not showing at all.

Has anyone else felt like this and was your hunch right?



  • I was exactly like you,i even told everyone we were having twins lol
    I had extreme symptoms and just felt like there was two of them!
    No family history,bo big bump,nothing just a weird feeling ..

    And sure enough,at our 12 scan they saw two of them!image

    good luck x

    23 weeks id girls x
  • i wonder if it is twins, you will have to let us know. xxx
  • Aaaaah wrong answer, lol!!! It wouldn't be the end of the world if we were having twins but this is my first and I would like to ease into motherhood gradually!

    I have heard lots of people say they have extreme symptoms and then found out it was twins but I haven't had anything apart from feeling a bit quesy when I get hungry. Mind you my OH's cousin has just found out she is having twins and said she had no symptoms at all!!
  • Good luck at your scan today, make sure you let us know! x
  • I had a scan at 6+4 and found twins, i didn't initially think it was, but i had a bump already, and suffered extreame tiredness, and was wondering as this was my first pg, was this right? Wasn't until i was in car on way to scan me and hubby said.. maybe its twins!! x
  • I have been thinking Im carrying twins too! No idea why as I havent had extreme symptoms as such but I am quite big already and I fell a few weeks after coming off the pill and Ive heard that can increase the chances of twins - but theres no family history of twins in either mine or OHs family so we will just have to wait and see! Got scan on Friday will be somewhere between 13 and 15 weeks then so Im hoping thats why Im so big already cuz im just further gone than my dates suggest!


  • Babybooboo - Have you found out yet? xxx
  • i was exatly the same- even after havin 12 week scan, i was convinced 1 mst have been hidden behind the other... ive had 2 other scans since then, and im only now sure i dont have twins
  • Everyone else is telling me i'm having twins and have been since before I was even pregnant!!! Most of them didnt realise my dad is a twin, and there are twins on my mums side too. I think twins would be lovely but dont really mind either way.

    Lisa xxx

  • We were joking about it being twins because my sickness and symptoms were so severe.... we didn't think it actually would be though so when she told us at the first scan, it was still a huge shock!!

    Good luck for your scan hun xx
  • Any news yet? x
  • wow id love twins it wud b gr8 xxx u r all so lucky
  • Hi, well I am not as far gone as I thought and they could only see the yolk sac so I have got to go back in 2 weeks. They are concerned that my HCG suggests I am further along than my scan shows, could that be a sign of twins.
  • My DH's dad is a twin, I have twin cousins, my grandad had twin siblings, I was convinced due to quite bad sickness that it was twins, but there's only one in here!! I was also convinced it was a boy, and at 20 wk scan on Thurs sonographer said it's a girl!! So my instincts are clearly rubbish!

    Good luck for your next scan.
    Ames x
  • LOL Ames123, nothing like a mothers instinct!! I think you should predict the sex of everyones babies so we can all know its the other one he he! That made me smile!
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