Any SPD sufferers - would love your opinion.

well... yesterday I noticed my pubic area was slightly achey, nothing really 'painful' it just ached a bit when I was stood up. today My back is getting more and more sore, on that bit of bone between my lower spine and my hips. It is mainly on the left side and is sore when i put my left foot down but even worse shooting pain when i take the weight off. It also really hurts when i turn/twist and when i first stand up from sitting.
I had pelvic pain during the last 6 weeks of my 1st pregnancy but wasn't actually diagnosed with spd, just got signed off work early, and alot for a couple of weeks after (although i'm sure everyone hurts for a bit after).
Anyway the gap between my pregnancies was only 6 months so I am slightly concerned that it was the beginning of spd before and this time it is coming back lots earlier and lots worse!
I am seeing the doctor on monday when I will be 8 weeks pg. But am just wondering if this sounds like the start of spd? or is it too early on???
any advise on how to deal with the pains would also be much appreciated!
Hannah xxx


  • Oh, and I'm not keen on the idea of taking any painkillers during pregnancy. But if I were to give in and take some paracetamol would it help or is there no point in even thinking about taking it?
  • Thank you!
    Yeah I hope it isn't too! If its hurting already I don't even want to think about what it'll be like by the time of the birth!!! Plus I also have a 7 month old 21lb son to look after!
  • I guess you know what is out of the question then!
    Blimey, Crutches?! How will I look after my baby if it gets that bad?!
    Its actually really sore in the front now from sitting on the computer chair so I'm gonna go take a nice warm bubble bath and chill out.
    Thanks for all your advice - I will try and rest as much as I can but it won't exactly be easy when I have a young baby to take care of lol... I thought the small age gap was a fab idea... Little did I know lol oh well atleast he can't walk yet (although the little bugger is crawling very well and pulling himself up to standing on everything including hoovers, and many onther unstable objects lol can't look away for a second!)
    Thanks again
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