Brown spotting - normal????

Im 6 weeks pregnant and when i went to the loo this morning there was some brown blood on the tissue. I dont have any cramps and the bleeding is very light. I spoke to the out of hours nurse and she said it should be fine but i still cant help but worry. I want to go to A & E and get checked out but i dont want them to think im stupid. Has anyone else had this?

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  • i havent had this but some girls on here have had it they call it implantation bleed as long as it brown it should be fine as they say brown blood is old blood but if it get worse or if ur really worried just go 2 the hospital
  • Hi

    I had this at 6 weeks and got myself in a right state, however it was implantation bleeding. I went to the early pregnancy unit at hospital and had a scan just to check and all was ok and they asked me to go back a week later (I think they was worried about me as I was crying so much as had been ttc for a while) and got a scan picture (it was like a kidney bean) and saw the heartbeat at 7 weeks it was amazing.
  • completely normal i had this for about week at 5/6 weeks and got myself in a right tiz, it can be an implantation bleed or if at the same time as period could be ur body 4getting ur pg and getting rid of old blood.
    My doc wouldn't do anything and just reassured me it was normal u can go to epu and they might scan u as bristol suggested but might not as everything is too small.
    Good luck honey i'm sure u'll be fine.
  • Hi, try to stay positive in last week I had a miniscule amount of spotting, more like a couple of small streaks in my discharge (sorry TMI) and i was having an achy tum but within an hour it past, my mw said it was probably implantation and it was too early to have an interenal scan as things were very small but tbh i don't really trust those scans. so im sure you're fine but it does scare the hell out of you though! They say brown blood is a good sign too - but mine was a pinky colour but again everything seems okay. Just spend today chilling with your feet up. xx
  • Thanks girls, you have made me feel better than the nurse did! They said i can go for an internal scan tomorrow if im worried but my midwife appointment is on friday so will wait til then and see if she recommends an early scan. I was in a right state before but calmed down now. I feel silly for getting so worked up but its difficult not to cos you have no idea whats normal and whats not.
  • thats the spirit! i really think you'll be fine but obviously if you feel things are not improving then get back in touch with someone! Have you ever had an internal scan before? (sorry personal I know- don't feel like you have to answer) now go and put your feet up! x
  • No i have never had an internal scan thats what is putting me off going. I have never even had a smear or anything. Do you know what they do if you have an internal scan?
  • when i had mine in a previous pg they have a long instrument that is rounded on the end and they put some lube on the end and insert it into you, it didn't really hurt but after i had mine i mc im not saying it was because of this although i don't like the idea of anything poking around by bubs so i am very reluctant to have another.
  • Well i spoke to my mum and we were both concerned that an internal scan may do more harm than good so i understand were you are coming from funkymonkey. I think i would rather leave alone and see what happens.
  • it's nice to hear someone thinks the same way as me! x Im off swimming now but i'll be back on later to see how you r doing. x
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