Did you used to watch maternity days on home and health?
It was based at billinge hospital? thats were im from and i was born at that hospital. The show followed my cousin round, you prob wont remember it though her name was Paula and she had a little girl called Olivia, who was born with a hole in her heart? I dont know weather its still on sky but the hospital was torn down 2 years ago so im guessing not


  • Dont think so babe from here to maternity is the one on at mo. But i will keep my eye out for it as they swap them around every few weeks. How exciting i woukld do it although i dont really think i would want a camera crew filming my nether regions!!!!!!!! xxxxxx
  • You might be right, i havent watched them since my little one was born 18 months ago. I think all these programmes are great but be nice if they put all new ones on finally lol
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